What are we drinking? S.3 Ep.5

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Each podcast, we take a minute to discuss what we’re drinking for that particular podcast. It’s one of my favorite moments of the show since we can’t currently be around each other to see the thought process that goes into what we’re ordering at a bar. So I figured it’d be fun to break this out and take a look at each person’s drink of choice.


Bouncing back from his Pedialyte on the rocks, MSS was drinking Hop Buther’s Dirt Bath and Goose Island Guava Squad


As Beef continues to empty his liquor cabinet of items left behind, he dove into some Pinnacle Vodka mixed with Squirt.

This was the best part of his drink


Chorizy attempted to get a 12er of Goose, but InstaCart had different ideas. Fortunately, it was still a delicious set of Revolution IPAs, Jukebox Hero in particular.

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