Tony LaRussa Retreads

Last night on the FromThe108 Podcast, we discussed what would come next after the Liam Hendriks signing. We pretty much all felt there were still some holes, but only MSS thought they’d go above the $10M mark to obtain any. It lead me down a path of older players or lesser versions of the players people really want.

In keeping with that theme, I was thinking about how much the White Sox fanbase loves to hear about guys that were once very good. The old “Kenny always gets his guy” mantra. And they also love a good retread. So instead of the Kenny version, let’s do a Tony LaRussa gets his guy. Now I looked at the trades available and Matt Carpenter and Albert Pujols are making so much in their current contracts, we’d need a million payday loans to make it work. So let’s focus on free agents:

Yadier Molina

At 38 years old and with Yasmani Grandal on the roster, this would be a backup role for Yadi. I’m also not sure what he brings to the table for the White Sox. I really only see 3 options for him, St. Louis offers him a deal, he decides to be a backup for TLR, or he retires. If I’m being honest, retirement is probably the play here. I wouldn’t hate to see him on the Sox, but it doesn’t make much sense to me.

Adam Wainwright

This is another guy who has spent his entire career with the cards and probably has the same 3 options he’s considering as Yadier. However, this one fits a little bit more. At this point in his career, Wainwright is a guy trying to force soft contact and groundballs. His curveball is still pretty good and with a sinker and cutter as the other main pieces of his arsenal, he’s fairly well suited to Sox Park. That said, I would be surprised to see him choose that path or the Sox to offer him much money to do so.

From St Louis Post-Dispatch

Jose Canseco

Now this one, this one makes sense. Sure he’s 56 and if you want to get caught up in the negatives, go ahead. But if you’re like me, you can see past that and look at how perfect this is:

  1. He will be our best DH in years
  2. He’s Cuban
  3. He’s a TLR retread
  4. He’s a White Sox retread
  5. A 56 year old willing to do ‘roids? That’s through the roof TWTW

So get ready White Sox Nation, Jose will be your starting DH in 2021.


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