12 Days of #108Mas: Rekall

I spent this last Saturday night checking out an older Christmas movie that I had never seen, but that the twitterverse felt was essential viewing. That film was Jingle All the Way, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Vintage Arnie

The movie is corny and goofy and has it’s share of fun supporting actors in Rita Wilson, Sinbad and Phil Hartman (#RIPIP) to name a few. It was usual “Arnie” fair, with him “acting” how he does, doing super athletic things and being ripped to the gills and voicing a funny but forceful dad character that saves the day in the end. I think my tweet below encompasses my exact thoughts on the picture.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Arnie’s work, he’s a character, a real original and I love him for that. It got me thinking about another one of his films, Total Recall. If you know, you know….

Without going into detail about the entirety of the plot of the film, (you can do that on your own and if you haven’t seen this 1990 release, get your ass to the tele and dial it up on whatever streaming service you got) our hero visits a company called Rekall, where they implant vivid vacation memories for you so that you don’t have to hassle of actually going on vacation (one that I am sure many of yous like myself would kill to do in the middle of a pandemic). It got me thinking, if I could go to Rekall, as a Xmas gift of sorts, where might I go in an implanted memory???


This picture is from Viader Vineyards

I’m pretty sure I am solidly built for this pandemic, not from an autoimmune perspective, but from the mental side, where staying in the house for basically a calendar year is the test we are having to endure. The one thing I have missed during this time was going wine tasting. It’s not that I go wine tasting constantly, there is just something slow and relaxing and tasty about driving around to wineries and getting a snoot full of tastes of different bottles. The combinations of the grape juice, beautiful scenery and weather are something I sure do miss.


This is Fremont Street in Las Vegas

I haven’t been to Vegas in like 5 years, but I’d love to go on another trip once this shit is all over. If I could go to Rekall, I’d implant a big #WhiteSox twitter trip where someone that could really use a large monetary win, gets one and the rest of us enjoy enough fun and sun and booze to quench our proverbial thirsts. I always loved Fremont Street over the Strip for gambling purposes, there are such cheap games and odd people that it’s a unique experience of it’s own.

JAPAN to eat a meal made by JIRO

This is Jiro and he’s the man

I know what you are gonna say, Beef, pick something you haven’t done and make it an impossible dream. Okay, you got it. If you haven’t seen the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I suggest you see it, RIGHT. DAMN. NOW. Widely considered the best sushi on the planet, I’d love to get there before the master (Jiro Ono is 95 now) goes. The dedication to the craft is amazing and pretty much anyone with the privilege of enjoying a meal that he and his team have prepared are enamored with the experience. Yes, that is a very fat fantasy.

Where would you go? What kind of memory would you have implanted in your brain? Hit me up on twitter.


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