What is Points Betting?

Before we get into the bloggins of the day, let me FLEX a bit.

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Anywho, I’m done bragging for now, today’s blog is to talk about Points Betting AND to show you how to get that done. The question I probably get most when I screenshot and post a Pointsbet (like this awesome one below where Notre Dame gets skull fucked and we win a bunch of money) is, “HEY BEEF, HOW DOES THAT POINTSBETTING WORK??

Let’s breakdown that bet above and then we’ll get into the mechanics of how to actually place a Points Bet.

That bet that I placed is Clemson -11.5 vs Notre Dame, however, right here is where it starts to stray from a normal vs the spread bet that you would place. When you normally place a bet like Clemson -11.5 vs Notre Dame, all you want is for Clemson to win by at least 12 and you get all your cheddar. For those keeping score at home a normal spread bet just adjusts the final score. In this case, Clemson -11.5 would win if the final score was something like 34-10 (which it was in this case). You’d simply take Clemson’s 34, then remove your -11.5, to get 22.5. That 22.5 is still clearly more than the 10 points that Notre Dame scored so you win your bet.

If there is one guy you can count on to cover the spread with authority, it’s this jerk-off (Getty Images)

With a Points Bet, you are winning or losing money based on HOW MUCH the team wins or loses by over the selected spread. Let’s go back to my example above. I bet the -11.5 spread we were previously talking about, however, my wager is $20, with a 15x Max Win or Loss. As you can see in the screenshot, my max win or loss is $300, which is $20 x 15 (my selected MAX). What this means is, I will win $20 for every point that Clemson wins above the -11.5 spread. In this actual example, Clemson won the game 34-10, you update the final score for my -11.5 on Clemson and you get 22.5-10 as I noted above. My bet won by 12.5 points (22.5 – 10) and I was wagering $20 per point, for a total victory of ($20 x 12.5 =) $250!!!

from Newsday.com

Now imagine a world (like the one my Jets just plunged theyselfs in) without Trevor Lawrence. By golly, I think Notre Dame could beat that kind of Clemson team (and possibly Jets). Oh shit, that actually happened and Notre Dame won 47-40. IF I had placed this same bet from above on that game, the BeefLoaf would’ve lost. Take Clemson’s 40 pts in that game, include the -11.5 and you have 47 to 28.5, an 18.5 point difference. Now I would lose $20 per point x 18.5 points = $370 Loss!!!….BUT WAIT!! If you remember, I put a MAX on this bet at 15 points, aka $300 Max Win or Loss. So in this instance the BeefLoaf actually would’ve only lost $300, as I had hit my max already. Kapish?!!?!?

Now that you roughly understand the mechanics of the Points Bet, let’s take a whirl through the website and find it for yous.

If you haven’t already signed up for Pointsbet as I instructed above AND deposited using PROMO CODE: 108ing then get your ass back to the earlier part of the blog and I’ll wait for you to catch up. Sumbitch!

Okay, first you find your desired matchup. Let’s bet against that asshole KenWo’s Raiders. Once you find the match-up, see the Red Arrow circled in Yellow and click on that.

Now that you have located all of the other bets, click on the Pointsbetting tab that I circled in Yellow below.

On this tab, you can choose any number of bets with the same characteristics as the Clemson / Notre Dame bet I detailed above, including the total of the game, each teams individual team totals, the spread as we already mentioned and then closer to game time some additional props. However, we came here to bet against the Raiders, so click on the Dolphins spread (as circled in Yellow).

Once you click on the Dolphins spread, you’ll get this window, where you can select how much money per point you want to wager (the big empty box) AND the maximum amount of points you want that wager to be on (the slider that I have circled in Yellow).

Let’s say you know that you want your max WIN or LOSS to be $100. You could chose the minimum points for this type of bet, which is 10 (or per the slider, x10) and bet $10 at x10 = $100. OR you could opt for lower $$$ per point and do something like $4 per point at x25, or $2 per point at x50. All of these get you to your MAX exposure you want and will give you the continued thrill of rooting for your money on every single score.

Please to be hollering at me if you haz additional questions on Pointsbetting or just gambling in general.


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