Epic Sh*t with MSS – MTV’s 1992 Video Music Awards

A few weeks ago I was at the gym and I was listening to Howard Stern on the Sirius. He was playing an old Neil Young live show and it got me thinking about my guy Neil Young. Back in 1992 he performed Rockin’ In The Free World with Pearl Jam at the MTV Music Awards. So I put that video on my phone while I was doing some treadmill walking. After that ended it popped to the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing “Give It Away” from that same show and I started thinking, “By God MSS, this is some EPIC SHIT!” And thus….

Back in the day, especially if you lived in a small ass town, MTV used to introduce you to new music. Crazy, I know. I found about Weezer that way. Yup, fucking “Undone (The Sweater Song)”. We didn’t have an alternative station in my area, so MTV and older siblings / classmates were an outlet to the new music.

Back in the day when Pearl Jam played Chicago, Q101 had billboards that said “This is not for you!”. Eddie from the stage said “Jokes on them, cause this is not for them.” Sick Burn.

Usually around back-to-school time, a sure sign that summer was over, MTV would host the Video Music Awards or the VMA’s. Well, 1992 had a hell of a lineup. Don’t believe me? Well look at these performances….

In 1992 the music world was changing. As you can see there were some pop acts still hanging around (Bryan Adams? Bobby Brown?) and slowly the Def Leppard and Guns and Roses’ were being pushed out to make room for the Nirvana and Pearl Jam’s. It was a hella great time to be alive if you were sick of the hair bands (me) or a sad to see headbangin’ life pass you by (Wally$).

Imagine Eric Clapton playing on MTV. Now, it’s the same show and Michael Jackson played too. Add U2. And then The Black Crowes. Let’s throw in SIR Elton John too. Now, not only did Elton do one of his songs, he also played with Guns N’ Roses. Yep, he sat down with the guy who wrote “One In A Million” and they both played piano on “November Rain”. Enjoy!

There’s a hell of a story involving Kurt Cobain and Axl Rose too. Wanna hear it? Here you go!

And here’s the performance –

It’s crazy that MTV had that MUCH power back in the day to tell these artists what to play. Nuts huh? Pearl Jam played Jeremy and a young angsty MSS even thought that was lame. I still dislike that song, always have. But here is the performance…

And speaking of Pearl Jam, our sometimes fan Eddie Vedder was all up in that show wearing a helmet with #29 on it for his buddy “Black” Jack McDowell. For reals.

The Black Crowes doing Remedy was pretty dope too. Speaking of dope, check out Chris’ pants.

One performance that just stuck way the fuck out was the Red Hot Chili Peppers doing “Give It Away”. What’s so dope about this performance? Starts out with another hit, and that song was HUGE. Like sick of hearing it HUGE. But the cameos in this video are nuts. Ice-T just chillin stage left. Dave Abruezze playing drums with Chad Smith while having a smoke. The girl in the braids behind Anthony is just the picture of the 90’s scene girl to me. Tell me she isn’t…

Plus Anthony looks like a bottle of 90’s parfum…Ex’cla’ma’tion.

I’m honestly surprised no one got pregnant on that stage. Enjoy…

That’s it. That’s EPIC SH*T. We’ll close on the performance that sent me down a long road of Neil Young / CSNY discovery way before you could just Google it. I had to borrow album after album to hear all that shit. Enjoy one of my favorite performances, 100% 90’s, Neil Young and Pearl Jam rocking the fuck out. It’s like when you bring home a puppy and your old dog is like “I remember how to play…” and they just tear it up. It’s great and watching Neil just strut around is pretty badass.

For me it never got better than this show (as far as VMA’s). I should have just stopped watching then. Say what you will about MTV, but back in the 90’s it was some EPIC SH*T.


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