For All My Sox Fans….

Listen, I know. This start has been rough. Really rough. I think the feelings are multiplied cause we have latched on to baseball as our one fucking hope in these desperate times. We’ve missed all sorts of shit. Birthdays. St. Patricks Day. Family gatherings. And thru it all we all clung to the hope, “Well at least the Sox will be good.” And 5 games in…………well…………SHIT.

I’ve read the tweets. I’ve seen the messages. There are some common themes here. Fire Cooper. Fire Ricky. Hahn Sucks. Our signings were bad. All sorts of craziness came out on the Twitters. My fave were the few defenders out in full fucking force for Carson Fulmer after one outing with the Tigers. Like that 1 inning proved something about our staff. I’d like to talk to the guy who made the call to get Carson, mostly cause I wanna know why they picked him up. Was it “WTF let’s see what he can do” or was it “the Sox fucked this guy up and we can fix him.” But anyways, I’m rambling….

So what should we do here? Should we fire Ricky and get Ozzie back? That is something the fans are kinda clamoring for. Few things. 1. How does that put us into a position to win more games? It doesn’t in the immediate future. Ricky, like it or not, is our best option right now. 2. I’ve heard that the manager these days is just a yes man. The FO or whomever makes the fucking call on who should be where. If that’s the case, well, it ain’t on Rick. Also, have you ever lost a manager, co-worker, friend that was down in the suck with you and you were kinda fucked when they left? I know it’s hard to grasp here, but there are relationships that exist between these guys and Rick. So…

Fire Cooper? I like Don Cooper. Has the game passed him by? I don’t know. And you know what? I know more than 50% of the people calling for his head. I was talking with Chris Lanuti from Sox In The Basement and we discussed a little Rey Lo. Maybe management said we gotta get him out there and see what he can do. Maybe they didn’t. Who the fuck knows? He had a BAD outing, no fucking doubt. Coming off a downer season in 2019, it looks bad. But it’s still ONE FUCKING GAME. As far as Cooper, our guy WSD pointed out in a tweet, using the words of the great Chorizy-E – “Peter North couldn’t will me to be great at sex.” So while Coop can give him all the tricks and advice, these guys gotta do the job. #CaseClosed

“I don’t know Chorizy, you can’t will greatness.”

Oh the Hahn folks. Listen, again, I like Rick Hahn. He seems really cool. Is he good at his job? You can make a pretty big case that he isn’t. But to me, he has assembled a team that should compete. He can’t control everything. It’s not his fault that Michael Kopech is going thru the shit right now. But he’s sharing the blame. He can’t stop Eloy from running thru walls. No sir. All that shit he can’t make better. The jury is out for Hahn, but honestly, you can’t call this a total failure 5 games into a shortened season. You can’t. Fuck you if you did, and have given up already.

This is my last time I will say this (well, this year anyways) you gotta give these guys some time to get it going. It’s been a weird year, and that’s putting it mildly. We had a shortened Spring Training. Then we played wait and see for MONTHS. These guys did what they could, but they gotta get the rust off. Just my view. ALSO, it doesn’t help we opened with the defending division champs, which everyone can agree made some good moves in the off-season. The double header games vs Cleveland were close, very winnable games. That’s baseball folks, the game we’ve been waiting for. Hopefully we can get the next one. Then we can roll into KC on that win and get s’more.

I’m not saying you are wrong with how you feel, you could very well be right. But we all lose if you are right and this has all been for nothing. We can give it a few series. We know it’s a shortened season, but the game doesn’t. Ya feel me?


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