I saw live baseball….#NoKetchup

Last night I went to the Chicago Dogs baseball game with Wally$ and Mr. Hand. It was Opening Night and they were giving out Mike Ditka bobbleheads to all 1,400 in attendance. They are allowing 20% capacity, so there was plenty of room for all the action.


Pro-Tip – If you want the Ditka bobble, they will have some available soon I am guessing.  They made over 6k according to the case counts, and gave out 1,400.  The bobblehead they gave out last year, the mascot Squeeze, is available in the gift shop for $20.  Pretty sweet. #SoChoice

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The Dogs have a nice place. It’s new. It’s clean. Pretty easy to get in and out of too. Pretty much exactly how you envision going to a game in the burbs would be. Parking was $3 but as Wally$ found out, if you drive a Hyundai it’s FREE.


We’re pretty spoiled with cheap tickets on the South Side, so that cost is similar, same with the concession costs. I know you can take water in and I assume you can with your food too. We went to get drinks and a 19.2oz Anti-Hero was $12, which is fair. A 24oz domestic was the same price, but less ABV.  And if I’m only having 2 beers, bigger beers just means more bathroom visits. They also had 19.2oz’s of White Claw and Blue Moon if you like that. You can also get freshly made cocktails! Wally took full advantage of the $14 doubles, which at a ballgame, isn’t bad at all!


I ate dinner at home but had my fave snack, a soft pretzel and cheese, cause why not? It was excellent. Now, Pete and Wally had a Chicago Dog at the Chicago Dogs! Looked great if you like hot dogs and salad. They had all the ballpark food fare, saw a ton of people eating popcorn. On Sundays it’s $3 for unlimited popcorn and $3 for unlimited pop. Great fucking deal to get you kids full and hyped up on caffeine.


I have been getting tons of questions from everyone, so I decided to write up a quick blog. When we got there, most people were wearing their mask in the parking garage. But not everyone, you’re outside so you got that going. Mr. Hand and myself masked up then. We got in line (the slowest moving one due to the guys taking it seriously) and again MOST but not all were masked up. You get your temp taken and they scan the tickets.

When you got inside there were arrows on the ground telling you which way to go. Now, like stop signs in Bridgeport, these seemed more like suggestions than actual requirements. You know when you see old folks acting like they don’t know what they are doing? You know, cutting lines and shit, asking dumb questions, basically playing you? Yeah. That is exactly what it was like. The Chicago Dogs did an EXCELLENT job making it safe to enter and get to your seats. They can’t control the folks who just seem to meander wherever. Speaking of seats….


When we got to our seats, there were two dudes sitting right in front of our seats. 100% in the wrong seats. The layout is supposed to be 3 per row, one empty row between them. And this is where it was uncomfortable . I asked the question to our group very loudly if those guys were in the wrong seat. We confirmed very loud that they were. I spoke about the layout we saw, real loud. But nothing.  I am not a confrontational person and I am also fully aware that I can’t ever be fully “safe”. So this is where its hard. Do you ask the guys to move? Do you contact an usher? It’s the weirdest situation to be in. I don’t fault the ushers, for all they know we’re breaking the rules knowingly. I think that is where it become an area that can become a problem.


You have folks that take it seriously, you have some that don’t. And honestly, if you are gonna put yourself in these situations you have to be sorta flexible. You can’t expect other people to be as cautious as you. And I am only talking about minor infractions. No mask on in a public area. Walking wrong way. Not someone knowingly being a dick about the situation for whatever gain. That person is just a dick. If you wanna be 100% safe, stay home. It’s simple.

Last night there was 1400 people and they can hold 7k. It was nice and open. As far as having 8k in the G Rate, man, I am not sure. If they announce they are gonna allow fans in, that is a hard decision that I will have to make. As much as I wanna see live MLB baseball (and get drunk in public) I am not sure that it will be safe enough for me to attend.  We as a fanbase struggle to wash our hands when the times were good (read this and this too) so not sure I trust 8k people during a pandemic to keep clean. It’s a very personal decision, so you do you.  For sure it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

I wanna see a game this year, but I also want to be able to go in places without wearing a mask for the rest of my life.  I can sacrifice one White Sox season if that means things go back to normal quicker.  We’ve already driven the 70 yards, let’s execute and fucking end this shit.  You don’t score, TILL YOU SCORE.


Stay safe out there homies.


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