Sunday Soak 6/28/2020 plus Extra Questions….

Sunday Soak

More Questions

Aloha Mr. Hand

MSS: Like any grown man who likes wrestling, I don’t think Sal will ever abandon the “work” of hating on me. And TBH, I support him! As a guy who is loved by almost everyone, I need a hater. Once we are maskless, I am open to shaving in a new Fu Manchu but need a reason…..

Matt Ramsey

Chorizy: I’m sure someone has used the Dugout Mug for that. So that’s my best guess.

Chicago Brvsh Lion

BeefLoaf: There may not be any fans in stadium, let alone any #dollardog days, I think we’ll need to postpone the official leader board until 2021, but hopefully we’ll figure something out in the short term for what portion of the season does get played.

Slim Mick

BeefLoaf: We are in the brainstorming phase of anything like that, IF we do something, it’ll be a smallish gathering and you’ll definitely be invited.

Hawt Take Tommy

BeefLoaf: NO! The guy ate 108 hot dogs in a week just for shits and giggles

Jeff the Giant

MSS: I had to use Google Translate as this question is clearly written in Canadian. I have never worn Saxx underwear, but should I be?

Wet Bandit

BeefLoaf: Because @kdgg09 is a dickweed and he’s trying to make me seem fat and lazy (which I am, but it’s completely unnecessary the way he does it)

Scott Garcia

BeefLoaf: I think we have addressed this before, MSS had a blog by that name about going to 50 games for under $500. I got my handle from Bonita Steakie and for Chorizy, I sent around an email with some work-shopped names that Chorizy-E was the one they loved….I actually preferred the name Miercoles, but in hindsight that wouldn’t have been as catchy.

Chicago Brvsh Lion

Chorizy: If something is both delicious and alcoholic, it’s all good in my book.


Chorizy: Heineken because it has just enough puke flavor to blend perfectly.

MSS: I went to a Phish show back in 1996. Alpine Valley. Was a great show and the ammount of drugs and booze I was on tricked me into thinking Phish was fun to go to. I had drank a 12pk and done some of the marijuana. During intermission I took a brief nap. My dickhead buddy woke me up cause I “was missing it” and I immediately had to puke. I walked up the hill and 100% puked on a hippies blanket to which they responded “hey, that’s NOT cool!”. I forged on though and made it to the portajohns and puked my brains out. Then I pooped my brains out. I was 100% a new person. I cleaned up and drank a Coke which was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted at that moment. So, Coke.

Brian Malone

MSS: If I am remembering correctly, exactly 132 new beers. But I’ve been hella high so it might be 1 or 3 or 2.


Chorizy: We thought we gave away what the shirt was with the description.

MSS: The reveal will be for the awesome folks that bought it. I imagine it will be like Rollergirl unzipping racist ass Marky Mark’s drawers for the 1st time in the movie Boogie Nights. We don’t recommend deep throating the mystery shirt though.

Chigerian Prince

Chorizy: Despite my poor dance skills, I would on occasion get some male attention at Neo and Exit. In their defense, I was much thinner and less gray back then.

MSS: I have been to many gay bars out west. Never been hit on. Not one time.

Johnny Shoes

Chorizy: Cheapest lower deck seats!

Jose Munoz

Chorizy: You take that ring whenever you can get it.


Chorizy: I assume Mike will bring homemade Limoncello for either of those.

Polish with Extra Onions

Chorizy: None of us are gamers, but I’ll choose the one on 31st and Halsted because I have no clue where another one is. I prolly bought weed at that corner as a teenager as well.


Chorizy: We have done some live videos on Twitter from the seats and some outside the park. Honestly, we talk about it often, but then you know…drinks happen.

We did catch this one video one night:

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