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Hey Guys.  As we said in this blog, we wanna help be part of the change during this time.  One of our ideas is a “Mystery” T Shirt, where 100% of the profits are donated to a charity that we select.  So how does this work?  WE THOUGHT YOU’D NEVER ASK!!!

1. Go To Our Merch Shop BEFORE 6/22

Yep, head to our shop and click on this link.  You will see this graphic that Jeff Mugs DIDN’T make. (GFY Chorizy)


2. Select Your Size.

The shirt will be a premium cotton tee. Think Next Level (our Slayer shirt) or American Apparel (any of our new shirts). They run a little more fitted, but mostly true to size. AND always SOFT AF.  So whatever you have ordered from us in the past, it should be similar. Sizes from S to 6XL.  There will be no returns or exchanges, but we will work with you as much as we can. Resident chunker MSS wears 2XL in everything and he is a boat.  The shirt will be black.  The graphic / printing will be white.  Here is the description directly from the website. PAY ATTENTION. 

When we decided to do a mystery shirt, THIS is exactly what we had in mind. IS it crazy? Sure. It’s A NEW world out there. It will for sure be SOX related as that is the team we all love. We’ll only do this one time, so make sure you ORDER this time and don’t forget. Thanks for supporting our idea of a mystery SHIRT.

We don’t sell XS.  Calm the fuck down.

Then order it.  Payment is required.  We will produce all the orders and then ship them directly to your house.  $36 total (+Tax).  It’s that simple.

Usually we produce the shirts then sell them, not this time.  So the wait will be longer than normal.  Think 3 weeks.  So if you need something in a timely fashion, for a gift or whatever,  buy something from our site that we have in stock.  Or do what my mom did for most of my birthdays, draw a picture of the item you bought them and write “coming soon” above it.  I LOVED THAT.


3. That’s it!

It really couldn’t be more simple.  3 fucking steps.  But here are the crib notes –

Go here –>


Select your size and pay us. CHA-CHING

More retro clipart at

Wait patiently.


There you go.  Easy peasy.  PLUS know that your money is going into the community and doing something good. If you have any questions, send them our way.  NO, we won’t tell you the design.  NO WAY.

-The 108

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