Maybe the Pandemic is the Best Thing for Us

I’m a glass half full kinda dude, so are the other 108ers (Chorizy-E & MySoxSummer)…..we tend to look at the world in a “let’s figure out how to make the best of this” viewpoint. I was thinking about that some and also reading a few of my twitter faves, Nassim Taleb and Chris Liss and it got me thinking…..WHAT IF SOME REALLY GREAT SHIT COMES OUT OF THIS PANDEMIC?

We’ve all heard the term Post Traumatic Stress….it has many applications and is generally a negative effect. But what about Post Traumatic Growth? Ever heard of that? Well, it exists…


In the Short Term, I, like most of yous (this is Bridgeport) expect the pandemic to be highly negative, but what about for the Long Haul?? Maybe this is the best thing for us, or at least for parts of us and our lifestyle.



Lots of us are having to change our daily routine due to the Shelter-In-Place guidance, and there is tons of potential for growth from this. You might choose to get rid of an old habit, like stopping at the gas station for cigarettes on your way to work or going to the drive thru at McDonald’s for a breakfast sammie each day and instead fast. You might pick up different habits that help you work more efficiently or you might learn to cook a few dishes that you’d have never tried if it weren’t for this very unique time. Me? I picked up a jump rope for the first time in 6 months and skipped in my back yard. It felt great, I have left the rope on the kitchen table to remind me to get back at it every so often.




Maybe you run a pretty tight ship when it comes to diet and fitness, but the fucking rat race is killing you slowly. This is a good time to work on adding perspective to your life. It could be listening to some albums you haven’t checked in on in awhile, or possibly learning to meditate. Maybe you’ll just start a ritual of checking in on friends or family a little more regularly than you did before and that type of stuff always makes you feel good. Me? I’ve been thinking more about the time I spend with Bonita Steakie and making the most of it.



Alright, let’s get greedy, maybe someone, somewhere in our little circle of crazy ass White Sox fans will put out some brand new original content. You are starting to see some of it, with the various known blogs doing some very different things than you are used to seeing from them. Heck, maybe a brand new voice comes out of nowhere and adds significantly to our lives with the way they think and write and talk. Me? Well, the 108ers and I have a newish idea and are going to try and execute it soon, we’ll see how it works out, but we hope you’ll like it.

Keep those glasses half full friends, are going to get through this…TOGETHER and when we get out the other side, we might even be better than when we came into this.


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