Halloween III is way underrated

It’s October, which means once again the White Sox are not playing and I’m running through a bunch of my favorite horror movies that I’ve neglected for the past 6 months.

It brings me to a film I plan on watching today, which is Halloween 3. This is the one with no Michael Myers. It’s widely regarded as a terrible movie, but it’s not. It’s just unfortunately placed within a franchise where every other movie features the same damn character.

If you’re wondering how this happened, it’s fairly simple. The idea for this franchise was there would be a different Halloween themed horror story told each year. They’d all be unrelated tales, held only together by the holiday. But the first one was such a success, the production company demanded the second one include Mr Myers. For part 3 they got back to the original idea. But with no internet or the ability to really reach mass audiences with a trailer, people walked in expecting the masked villain. And they were very fucking upset to not get him. After that, they went back to Myers. You may remember some of these, like the ones with Paul Rudd and Danielle Harris. Side note: Danielle was in the remake; and Paul Rudd still looks exactly the same.

That aside, the movie features a fairly sinister plot to kill a large amount of children and a protagonist who is more concerned with booze and pussy than saving the day for like 90% of the film. It’s basically what would happen if we tasked Wally$ with saving us from a mad man. But despite a small budget and a ton of synth (it was the ’80s), I really enjoy this movie as a standalone movie.

So I ask you as we head into the Halloween season and more importantly into free agency to not compare things to what they aren’t but look at them for what they are. With the amount of holes the White Sox have, there will likely be a lot of players brought in and they shouldn’t be compared to Machado and Harper. They should be looked at as the player they are and how they can help the franchise. Just think if the American public would have taken that approach to Halloween 3. We’d have a bunch of cool movies similar to what American Horror Story is instead of bullshit with Busta Rhymes.


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