White Sox Twitter is 1988 Seattle

I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for about a year and with us doing our recent “Grunge Song Draft” on the 108 podcast, it really kicked me back into thinking about this thought.  The thought that our little White Sox twitter / blog / podcast scene is very much like the Seattle music scene of the late 80’s.

White Sox Twitter is 1988 Seattle


For the uninitiated the documentary “Hype!” (if you can find it) will give you some particularly good background on this scene and how “Alternative” music, at least in it’s 90’s Seattle version came about.  One of the main tenets of the movie…was how in the 1980’s, touring bands would skip Seattle all together, because the next closest major city (which was Portland, Oregon) was just so far away that bands would deem the trip up to Seattle as undesirable to play one show for all of the travel.  In the wake of lots of mainstream acts skipping Seattle, this music scene developed for and by the people that were being neglected in this void…….hrm.  This reminds me of something…..can’t quite put my finger…..AHA!!!  The White Sox!!!

ESPN doesn’t even attempt to cover the White Sox, and the local newspapers have basically shunned the White Sox by canning their beat reports to a large extent.  Even 670theScore scarcely talks about the team, they have a dedicated baseball show on Saturday mornings.  The Athletic and James Fegan are literally the only media outlet that gives detailed coverage of the White Sox and I’d hardly call them mainstream at this point, its a subscription service (Chorizy, MySoxSummer and I are all subscribers, specifically to read James, hopefully he gets a kickback as he continues to deny our chance to buy him a beer at a ballgame, jerk!).  The mainstream media outlets don’t give a fuck about the White Sox.  What now?

In Seattle by 1988, it started to create interesting bands that you know about Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and Screaming Trees.  It also created bands you have never heard of like the Fastbacks, the Melvins, Tad and the like….but that’s what happens when a void is created, something has to fill it.

In Chicago in 2020, it has created,

Write Sox = Mother Love Bone


Tom isn’t dead like Andy Wood, but his blog most certainly is…..although his blog and tweetings about the White Sox are some of my earliest faves of this scene. We are lucky to have him back in podcast form doing the White Sox Business Podcast with the aforementioned James Fegan from the Athletic. An original to the scene.

Red Line Radio = Soundgarden


Loud, brash, raw and talent. Remember when Red Line Radio was just a baseball show. It was hilarious goofiness with tons of baseballiness mixed in. According to legend, the podcasts baseball show that helped launch the Barstool show had a large audience that was predominantly White Sox fans.

SoxMachine = Pearl Jam


The longest lasting and most popular blog and podcast of the scene. The gold standard. Still filling up stadiums like Pearl Jam. I’m not quite sure how it breaks down, but you definitely have one of their albums that you really fucking love.

Future Sox = Alice in Chains


Who in the hell can make a big audience, specifically talking about one team’s prospects.  And for that matter, a team that didn’t have any fucking good prospects until very recent vintage…..FutureSox, dats who!

SoxOn35th = Screaming Trees


These guys are newer on the scene, but they make visual content that is just as beautiful as Mark Lanegan’s voice and as thicc as the Conner brother’s waist lines.

108 = Mudhoney


Sometimes an entity pops up in a scene that has minimal discernible talent or know-how, but they just rise up out the ooze, just because…although the #SundaySoak should count for something.

???? = Nirvana


That’s right, with all the new blogs and podcasts in our little scene, who knows who the next one will be that will pop up.  It could be anyone….it could be you and your group.  I look forward to the next, or next few blogs / podcasts that pop and create even more content enjoyment to our little scene.  Hopefully people will stick around, because it seems like things are just starting to get really good.


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