Yo….we got some new shirts.

You might have noticed last week that a certain broadcaster from a certain team we all love posted a pic on his Twitter rocking an OG 108 Logo T Shirt. Oh you missed that? As I write this it has been RT’d 47 times and liked 1,051 times. Holy moley.

I got several messages about this shirt, and well, we just had to launch them a little earlier than expected. So you get your ass here and buy this fantastic shirt ASAP! Size M all the way to 6XL, we love all you and all your sizes.

“The Stone Pony” OG 108 Logo T


Ok, so maybe black isn’t your thing. We get it. So guess what? We did one in grey too! Yup, just like the #108ING one that sold out really fucking fast.


Oh you really like black? US TOO! Check out this badass….


Now, we’ve had this idea for years but we’ve never got our shizz together to launch it before the actual holiday. But guess what? WE DID IT CORRECT THIS YEAR. Presenting, for the first time anywhere, the Chicago River Green OG 108 Logo Tee! It’s a beaut Clark!


And, looking your way big fella, we have this up to 6XL too. It’s great to wear out of the house on St. Pat’s Day and will protect you from getting pinched. Plus, how can you forget this classic moment in cinema history –

So head to our merch shop and pick out your fave! Always Open 24-7!


And remember, all our other t-shirts are only $15. Yup, $15. Buy them up and we’ll make more!


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