SoxFest After Party Bold Predictions: BeefLoaf

My guy Chorizy-E wanted us to lob our BOLD PREDICTIONS out into the ether. Normally, I’d say, “FUCK THAT! People should’ve come to the party!” but I won’t this time for two reasons……ONE. We sold that fucker out in no time, so it was pretty tough to get a ticket, I kept messing with Josh Nelson that next year we finna do this party at the Metro…..then by the time the joint was packed, I told him we need to upgrade to the Aragon. TWO. We have a full recording of the panel, but I don’t think we’ll ever release it. Our two guests from radio have actual reputations to uphold and while their street cred amongst White Sox fans would sky rocket from the sound from the panel, they have more risk for their spoken words than the 108ers. Anywho, here are my BOLD PREDICTIONS…


Luis Robert starts the year in the majors, but his most consequential action to the 108ers is he discovers Punky’s Pizza, love Punky’s Pizza, and summarily usurping the 108ers and becomes the new SPOKESMAN for Punky’s Pizza, stealing one of our top sponsors and forever making an enemy of the 108 crew!!



During the 2019 season, the 108ers introduced the #dollardog leader board, which a small group of the fanbase and a larger group of front office employees seemed to love (so much so that Brooks Boyer asked me to provide a LIVE update while we interviewed him during a Dollar Dog night in September)…….we even have the dollar dog champion in the crowd tonight, Matt Nom-Nom-Nommensen, the fans that hashtag their hot dogs #dollardog ate 985 $1 hot dogs. In 2020, I PREDICT (you gotta say like you mean it) that the #dollardog will surpass 2,500 hot dogs eaten by the group at large.



Of all of the 2020 White Sox that are strong regression candidates from their good 2019 seasons (which would include Yoan Moncada, Lucas Giolito and Alex Colome), Tim Anderson is the one that holds his value, no he doesn’t win another batting title, but he takes a major step forward on defense and makes good on the substantial bets that the White Sox front office has made on by signing all of these groundball pitchers.



Does anyone in here know what the Sunday Soak is? The Sunday Soak is the #1 Chicago Sports Hot Tub Video show. We’ve been doing the Sunday Soak for 3 years, on Sundays of White Sox home weekends and at the close of the last regular season we had our first official guest on the Sunday Soak, that was WhiteSoxDave, Dave Williams from Barstool Sports…..I PREDICT….you gotta say it like you mean….that in 2020, at least 1 person in this room tonight, will guest on the Sunday Soak.



Can we talk about the White Sox pitching staff?? It’s not Reynaldo Lopez who gets demoted for Michael Kopech‘s return, it is Dylan Cease, still not able to find the plate, Cease will continue sporting an inflated walk rate and get demoted to AAA Charlotte in mid-May to “work on things” as Michael Kopech returns.


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