108 Bracketology – Newbs dancing in the #108Tourney???

It’s your favorite questionable character back for another edition of 108 Bracketology. In this edition I take a look at some possible 1st time entrants into the #108Tourney. As I have previously stated the selection committee is insane and anything is possible when selection time arrives, so take this for what you will.


The first question you may have is what is the criteria for selection to the tournament? As I have stated before the committee is insane, so anything is possible. While there isn’t a set checklist of any kind involvement with the 108, whether on twitter or at the ballpark is a must.  This can include tweets that pass knowledge on to everyone, provide opinions, make people laugh, a big seller for members of the committee, appearances in the section, or kick ass tailgates. With that being said, and remember it is not all inclusive and is only the opinion of me, let’s get started. The candidates I am looking at include:


Matt Nommensen (@buehrlecat)

The winner of the #108 hot dog challenge, with a whopping 149 ½ hot dogs consumed. A recent convert from a partial season ticket plan to a full plan in the 108.


Amy Nommensen (@Pockets125)

The wife of Matt and the ultimate cheerleader. She supported him on his quest to win the hot dog title last year with words of encouragement including messages that basically said Don’t fuck this up and quit being a pussy. Her involvement makes her a shoo-in, in my opinion.


Matt Berklan (@ChiBerk96)

A man of impeccable character who always makes it a point to stop by the section. He also supports the 108 in other ways, including supporting a charity close to Beefloaf and Chorizy. He is also the next generation of Sox fan and can hopefully see something NO ONE has ever seen, back to back playoff appearances for the team.


Haze (@ChiSoxHaze)

The man who is trying to coordinate White Sox Twitter into a well-organized and communicative machine. He is a true Sox fan who allegedly stormed the field at old Comiskey Park on September 17, 1983. He is not afraid to give his White Sox opinion and stand by it.


Bill Demantes (@wedema)

Another member of the 108 #100hotdog club. Can be spotted at the park before the game by the dugout and after by the players parking lot trying to hunt down autographs. Also makes it out to see the team in Detroit on a regular basis and also travels to other regional locations, as time permits, to support the team.

As I previously stated, selection to the tournament is solely based on the selection committee whims the day they meet and finalize the brackets. Now will any or all of these people dance in the 108 tourney? Only time will tell but based on my experience I feel all of the candidates present strong possibilities.

That is all for now, just remember there is still time to get your brand out there for all to see since the committee is always watching.


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