MSS Says – Leave Vince Neil ALONE!

This past weekend super Sox fan Richard Roeper posted a video on his Insta of Vince Neil looking rather round playing a fancy ass party. He also posted videos of Mase and former almost-half-billionaire 50 Cent playing the same party. It’s kinda sad that all these artists are playing a rich guy’s party on the south side for a few bucks, but kinda cool that these guys are still making some coin off their art. But back to Vince…..

Yo, I get it. Dude got old. Dude got fat. But fucking A man, the dude has entertained us for so many years can’t we give him a break? We seemed to forgive him for the song he did for Encino Man, but getting fat means no breaks?

Listen, I was ready to make fun of him myself, but even I, MSS, has put some pounds on over the years. Ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. Plus while I have my vices, none even match the vices on our guy Vince. He shot cocaine. He was a huge gambler. He drank ALOT. His drinking even lead to the death of his buddy. He was addicted to the ladies. The man has lived 9 lives. So I took a step back and said “I am gonna accept Chubby Vince cause he deserves it. “

Side Note – When I worked for Alice Cooper at his Cooper’sTown Restaurant, I was always asked to escort talent in from the parking lot as I am a big guy and look like I could protect someone. Vince played there one night and was having dinner with part investor in the restaurant, legendary concert promoter Danny Zelisko. This was around the time Behind The Music was pretty popular and I remember the Motley Crue episode in which Vince proclaimed the love of his life was his current wife. You can imagine my shock when he came in with two strippers. Wha? I remember asking Danny if maybe I could get an autograph or a pic with Vince and he responded with “Fuck no. Vince will fucking go nuts.” Needless to say I didn’t even talk to Vince. Who is a tiny man, but still had the pipes! I have several more stories from my time at Alice Cooper’sTown that I will share in blog and podcast form, so stay tuned!

But then I read this article and felt the need to say something. If you don’t wanna read it, basically it’s a guy (Michael Starr) in Steel Panther (80’s hair metal cover band turned 80’s parody music band) said this –

Michael Starr said: “I’d bring back Vince Neil,” to which Stix replied: “He’s not dead.”
Michael: “I’d bring back the Vince Neil from back in the day because that guy is dead.”

Woah. Pretty uncool. Why so uncool? Well for starters, Steel Panther basically cops the whole Motley look. Their whole look, style of music, was partially CREATED BY THE FUCKING GUY THEY ARE MAKING FUN OF. To add insult to injury, Vince even played Live Wire with them back in 2011. Dicks! I think it’s incredibly bad form to rip on someone that basically created the whole fucking thing that makes you money. Especially a fucking COVER BAND.

Posers Posing.

So folks, be fucking cool to Vince Neil. He’s had a full life. He lost his 4 year old daughter to cancer in 1995. He’s had two tree wives. Give him a break if he wants to eat good food. He’s out there still making a living doing what he loves. He gives us fat guys hope that we can still rock out even years after our best years are behind us. Thanks for giving us hope Vince. Kinda.


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