The 5 – BeefLoaf’s Fave Podcasts

Hey friends, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf and I figured it might be time for me to toss some chit out here that is very self indulgent…..almost masturbatory.  Yep, I am going to do some of my favorite NON-WhiteSox Podcasts.  That’s right, we all ingest too much White Sox already, so I want to point you towards some podcasts that I enjoy that aren’t chalk full of Ricky Renteria’s bunts and Eloy Jimenez running into other outfielders.  Here is the 5.


SIDE NOTE:  If you create a WhiteSox podcast and were clicking this post just to read your podcasts name in here, shame on you, not everything is about you……ITS ABOUT ME!!

5 – Chicago Dog Walk


A local Chicago show about local Chicago things.  It is a daily show and lasts approximately 15 minutes or about as long as the typical smoke break.  This show is hosted by Barstool Eddie.  I know, I know, you might not like Barstool and think they are (fill in the blank with your opinion of reprehensibility).  I won’t attempt to stop you from that opinion, but this show is weird, but in a fun way and Eddie talks to regular ass people about their journey.  For my money, I’d skip the ones that involve non-Chicago Barstool folks mostly because I don’t care about the whole Barstool soap opera, but the rest of this thing is gold.  Check out the recent 2 part episode with a mailman or the 3 part episode with Sadaam Hussein’s son’s hypnotist.  Just crazy shit and Eddie asks the questions you would ask if you could.

4 – A Real Man Would


This is technically a fantasy sports podcast hosted by Dalton Del Don and Chris Liss, but it goes in lots of different directions and they explore tons of interesting thought processes.  Liss shares my love for Nassim Taleb, so he’s got me there, but he often tries to think through things in a very unconventional way, whether it be the value of drafting player X at this spot or trying to decide on why crypto currencies will make it, they definitely take a different bent to problem solving.  They also argue and end up betting, which is truly the only way to really solve an argument, make a wager.  I wish this show was more often than once per week.

3 – Naval


Naval Ravikant is one of the most interesting thinkers on the twitters.  I had heard him previously on various podcasts and always enjoyed those discussions, so I had to jump in when he started his own podcast.  These episodes average about 5 mins and are sporadic, so don’t lean on it as a regular go to.  He has like 50 episodes of this short length, so you can really fly through them in no time, but they are worth going back to and thinking through the points he provides and trying to understand how to apply them to your life.

2 – The Joe Rogan Experience


There are some REAL BIG ROGAN fans, that ain’t me, I delete at least 50% of the episodes, however, if there is someone that he’s having on that you enjoy or that you don’t know that much about and want to learn something about them, then Joe is the best for my money.  Not only are the conversations LONG, which allow for lots of depth and context, but he’s not afraid to push back enough to make the conversations educational, but not so much that it becomes a fucking shouting match.  I also enjoy his fight companion podcasts, and I really don’t give a shit about MMA in any way, but just him and his buddies sitting around having fun smoking and drinking and talking shit is a fun time to me.

1 – Econ Talk


I’ve been listening to this podcast for > 10 years.  It is a weekly podcast and talks about Economics, exactly like it claims to, although this is Hayekian / Austrian economics.  A few notes, the host Russ Roberts is a devout Libertarian, so regardless of the political leanings of his guests, he’ll usually have Libertarian priors.  Russ does allow his guests lots of room to lay out their thought processes, there are no “GOTCHA” moments of any sort.  It’s a regular conversation, not the typical fare you get on a mainstream tv station where everyone is screaming.  I’d recommend his 7 episodes with Nassim Taleb first, but if you are coming here just as a baseball fan, check out his discussion with Bill James to start.  FYI, Russ Roberts is a Boston fan, which is annoying, but he’s great, so I am willing to forgive it.

Those are my current 5 faves (non-White Sox), hit me up on twitter with a podcast or two that you enjoy.  I’m always looking for new ones.


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