Steve Stone is a Free Agent

In the flurry of playoff baseball and odd twitter debates about the White Sox off-season, I missed one of the more interesting potential Free Agents for the White Sox to retain


In case yous been living under a rock, Steve Stone makes up one half of the White Sox excellent television play-by-play team along with Jason Benetti. I really had no clue he was a free agent, although I do distinctly remember him mentioning that Benetti is locked into a long-term contract with the White Sox, which is great, because Jason is really coming into his own as the play-by-play man and I look forward to many years with him on the boob tube bringing us White Sox baseball.

Steve on the other hand, has had an interesting season on the twitters………


I’ve heard many folks, including the controversial David Samson intimate that Stoney is carrying water for the organization. The boys and I had this discussion on the 108 podcast a while back and we pretty much agreed it isn’t water carrying, but ineffective communication and some trolling. Either way, his erratic behavior on the socials does not deter me from wanting Stoney back on the call, he’s an institution in Chicago, having called ball games in our fine town for over 30 years. BUT…

I got to thinking, if us fans are being asked for things constantly, like patience, support in the way of putting our asses in seats and buying things like sundry items and copious amounts of adult beverages, not to mention above all else POSITIVITY. It seems only fair that maybe we ask something of our fearless TV Analyst guy.



Here’s my offer, I’ll let Michael Corleone deliver it.


That’s right. Stoney signs and the first year, ON THE HOUSE. I went to a few of those trash online sites that makes up tons of shit and tries to estimates famous people’s net worth and these trash sites said Stoney is worth ~$9M. That’s probably not close to being true, but what is likely is that Stoney could sacrifice his pay for 2020 for the good of the White Sox. Think about it, his love of the chairman could be semi-repaid in goodwill and the money can be used to buy free agent talent. We are all in this together and it feels like year 4 (of 5) of the house building would be improved if we had Stoney’s salary (so graciously donated). This seems like the kinda of POSITIVITY that would show the fans that our fearless play-by-play man is loyal to the cause.


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