The One-Hitter Jimmy Cordero

This is the One-Hitter….don’t forget to exhale


I recently wrote HERE about how the White Sox could cobble together a terrific bullpen through pure dumb luck. When I was writing that post, I didn’t actually think specifically about any bullpen arms. However, I do specifically think about Jimmy Cordero often.

Jimmy Cordero distracting me from THAT CLASSIC VIEW

For the uninitiated Jimmy Cordero was an international free agent signing back in 2012 at the age of 20 (a little old for the normal Dominican Republic bonus baby) and is now on his 5th team, your beloved White Sox. Not exactly the path to success that most take, but somehow perfectly in the mix for completely balling out in 2020 for no damn reason.


As you can see from the graphic below, ole Jimmy throws hard… HARD! That’s a good thing, a couple things that aren’t quite as good are that he throws so many pitchers, you are a relief pitcher bruh, just stick to your best shit. Also, he doesn’t really strike out the amount of folks you’d expect him to strike out with that Velo (Velo is short for velocity, only us hip 40 somethings use terminology like this).

Jimmy  Cordero

This profile reminds me a bit of Nathan Eovaldi who was a late season add for the 2018 Red Sox and crushed it in a playoff run for them. Eovaldi had the big fastball and almost no strikeouts and then all of a sudden, he became really fucking good for a moment in time.



MLB: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

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