GUEST POST – When They Love the Game, but Have No Game

This is a guest post by Alexis Atwater, you can find her on Twitter HERE and you can find her blog HERE.  When this idea was discussed with us, we just had to help promote it…..ENJOY!!

{With the 2019 season coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to reflect on the crazy year that baseball brought me. I beat my personal record for games attended in a season, ate way too many dollar dogs, spent way too much money on frozen vodka lemonades, and even waited out a 3-hour rain delay in Cleveland that ultimately ended in a 5 inning loss. With all of the ups and downs this season, there was still one thing that remained constant. The influx of creepy DMs I got from men in the White Sox Twitter world.}


Baseball has brought me some of my best friends and some of my coolest experiences. This season, I got more involved in White Sox Twitter, which has been quite the journey. Getting to talk with people who are White Sox fans like me, whether their opinions on things are the same as mine or not, is really cool. What is less cool, though, is the number of men that think that my passion for baseball equates to wanting to go to a game with them. Yes, complete strangers think that because I love baseball and the White Sox, that I should be attending games with them.


I thought it could be fun, or rather, comical, to take the readers of this post on a journey through my Twitter DMs, and highlight some of the “best” DMs I got this season. Not only will I include a few of the ever so popular “go to a game with me, I’m not creepy” DMs, I will also throw in a few others that gave me a good chuckle. Regardless of the message, just know that all of these people found me one way or another through my tweets about baseball, the White Sox, and apparently my unwavering charm that draws creepy strangers to send me messages on the internet.

Welcome to my DMs


(Author’s Note: Because I am not a total jerk, I decided to crop/cross out the names and profile pics of the people who sent me these. Anonymity for the win!)



Well of course you would pay, kind sir. You have to make the creepiness of sending a message to a girl that you have never met or talked to at least sound somewhat gentleman-like.



Hm. Maybe if I ask her why she is a White Sox fan first and then send this message after she answers, I will still seem like a Genuinely Good Guy™.



I really tried to help by giving my insight with this one, but I guess there is no helping the delusional.


When a man closer to my Dad’s age than my own doesn’t get the attention he wants, it only makes sense to default to try and point out something he finds to be a flaw, right?




I had to end on quite the high note with this one. Because not only did he hit me with the triple message, but I also was informed that it is likely I am good at more than just baseball facts. Damn right, *insert name here*. I am also proficient in calling out f*ckboys in blog posts.

All in all, this should be a lesson. If you think that the message you are about to send to a girl on the internet sounds even a ~little~ creepy, it probably is. I definitely wrote this in good fun, but even if this makes one guy on Twitter change the way he approaches women, I have done something right. Though I am sure I will not have to wait until next season for more creepy DMs, I also hope that I get to continue interacting with the AWESOME Sox fans I “meet”; every day. Send me a DM, let’s talk baseball!

Until next time…

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