The 5 – 5 Things I Would Have Talked About On This Weeks Podcast Had We Done One.

Hey, it’s your #fat buddy MySoxSummer! From time to time I lament to Beef and Chorizy that it’s “too damn hard to have content available for a podcast, blog and a soak”. So since we won’t do 2 outta 3 this week, I figured I should write up a quick blog on some shit I would have talked about this week on our excellent podcast. Here we go!

1. Opening Weekend

Bros (and bro-ettes) three fucking cheers for showing out and up to the park and numerous events that we as the crew attended. It’s always great to see our fans and friends hanging out in the 108 crushing beers and talking all sorts of bullshit. We shouted out a buncha yous on the Sunday Soak, it was awesome. I know it drives us to continue to put out our content and keep showing up to the park. Baseball aside it was a great weekend! Awesome crowds on Friday and Saturday, let’s keep that up, unless it’s a giveaway I can actually use. That sweatshirt line was a goddamn joke. Big shout out to The ‘Loafs for opening their home to the masses and for my family for helping me watch my girls while my wife was working (and playing) hard down in Florida. I couldn’t have been my best self without that help and I am truly grateful.

2. The Team

Holy fuck, I wanna reserve my really final thoughts till we get a few division series in before I really jump off the bridge, but woah. There has been some bright spots, but we haven’t had that drive that I expected. Maybe it’s some growing pains as the team is young, or maybe it’s just a lack of talent. Can you blame Ricky Rents? Sure, but if you give a guy 4 broken pencils, it’s hard to expect him to draw a masterpiece. Maybe he could be the next Picasso, but it would take some serious fucking effort and time. I am gonna reserve judgement on some players too,mostly cause I think they are taking enough heat, but come on guys! Maybe it is a really slow start, maybe it’s that these guys can’t hit or pitch. I think there are too many easy plays that get fumbled. A total lack of discipline at the plate. I mean, we shouldn’t be all that surprised but at least catch the fucking ball. I will say this, if the year continues like it did for these first 2 series, we need to make some motherfucking changes from the top down.

3. BallPark Pass

We talked about this on the podcast and I was firmly in belief that the STH holders were kinda screwed by this. Mostly cause it was announced right before the season started there by taking in some money from the die hards and then making a play for the causal fan. Well since then, I have come to see it in a different light. If you get/got the lowest season ticket package you paid about $600. If you get this pass (which excludes 5 big games) you pay about $300 plus fees for 76 games. Now, to me, if you have the means and the desire to attend that many games, you have already bought a season ticket package. To me, if price is an issue, you already bought the cheap tickets. That includes the 5 big games and all sorts of season ticket holder benefits. It will cost ya about $50 more (according to the math that I have seen on the ‘book) which to me is well worth it. Plus you can say you were a season ticket holder from way back.

I tend to stay off the ‘book, but just today I engaged in a lengthy discussion with a fellow season ticket holder that attends all 81 games. He contended that this pass was introduced to attract in new fans, maybe Cub fans that have been priced out up north. #Shook. He was also contending that since this deal has taken effect his tickets have lost their value. Sadly, White Sox tickets aren’t worth the money they’re not printed on. See what I did there? #MoblieTicket. I can understand if you bought the cheapest tickets they had and then they dropped this on ya feeling jipped. But if you bought “premium” tickets, in “premium” areas, well, you knew what you were getting into, in my view. And if you aren’t into the perks of being a season ticket holder but wanna go to 81 games, well, you should know better. There are many ways to skin this cat. Today (4/10) there were $6 tickets on StubHub (including the fee). So do that legwork or wait it out next year. Cause I am not sure in a year this ship will be righted based on what you see on the field.

4. Wrigley Field Visit

My buddy from my hometown Dr. E texted me awhile back and asked if I was interested in going to the Cubs home opener. Dates and times worked out and he came in Saturday night. We hit Antique Taco and a Sox game on Sunday. Then we headed up north Monday to watch the Cubs just destroy the Pirates. A few things. I arrived late, so Dr. E left me a ticket at Will Call. It was as simple as giving them my ID. Took less than 5 minutes. It was #SoChoice. I ran into our beer vendors and they made sure that me and the guys never went dry. It was impressive and even drew the attention to a season ticket holder (both Cubs and Sox) who so graciously allowed us to use his 2 empty seats so we could live the high life. He first wanted to know if I was “somebody” which I (and my friend) assured him I was not. I just said these were guys that serve us hundreds of beers every season so we know each other. Being a guy who always appreciates the kindness of others, I made sure that guy didn’t buy a beer the rest of the game. He then wanted to know how I made my money and if it was legal. I assured him it was and let him know that I was just appreciative of him letting us squat in his seats. Getting in and out of the park was crazy easy, as was the bathroom visits. Only thing that was negative was one vendor who was carrying non-light beer (Dr. E hates the light beer) didn’t even say thanks on a tip. That irked me. $2 on $10 isn’t gonna make ya rich, but Jesus, why you so jaded bro?

5. Promo

So do you like magnetic schedules? OF COURSE YOU FUCKING DO. I have 3 to give away to the next 3 orders of a t-shirt or sweatshirt at our store found here. That’s right! A free magnetic schedule and I will even trow in a pocket one too! It’s crazy awesome. So get over to our store and order some merch!


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