12 Days of #108Mas: The 5 – Who I’d catch under the Mistletoe

Good day friends, it’s your pal BeefLoaf as we continue the @fromthe108 12 days of Xmas bloggings, I bring you a holiday tradition that is very weird and doesn’t quite fit with the holiday, but because it is sexual in nature, it of course has managed to survive and that is kissing someone under the Mistletoe.  Now, I, as a happily married BeefLoaf of 16 years (goddamn, that’s 40% of my life) have no real interest in this sort of thing, I figured I was the perfect guy to bring you a top 5 list.  I’ll choose dead, fictional and unorthodox if I wish……anywho, here goes, the 5.

5 – Anna Nicole Smith


I’d be interested in up-and-coming model Anna, established bombshell Anna, even fat washed out Anna, but please don’t give me end of the road, drugged out Anna, that wasn’t too g00t.

4 – Sharon Stone


There are a handful of women each era that leave an indelible mark on a young man’s life and Sharon Stone be one of those fine women.  Basic Instinct was just a whole new level for excitement and excitement, if you know what I mean.  Wayne Knight’s reaction is pretty much the muted reaction of the entire male populous.  Believe that!

3 – Jessica Rabbit



2 – Dottie Hinson


Other than Jimmy Dugan nobody was hoping that Bob Hinson would perished in the war more than me.  What an ass kicker Dottie Hinson was and a babe on top of it.  I’d have to think if I caught her under the mistletoe, she’d kiss me and then possibly punch me right in the chops just for liking it too much.

1 – Tiffani Thiessen





Those are my 5 Mistletoe selections, hit me up on twitter with your choices….


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