Quernzy’s #108ing Holiday Gift Guide

As we get deep into the holiday season, you may be thinking “how can I stay in decent 108 form to be ready for next April?” or maybe “how do I teach the people I love about #108ing this holiday season?” Luckily, I have some shopping tips for you, since I’m a girl who loves to shop for myself and the 108 crew.

Quernzy and Chorizy-E’s Holiday Bar

Here it is 108ers: Your essential shopping list for proper #108ing. Outside of the baseball season, the holiday season is my favorite time for 108ing.

#108ing Starter Kit

We’ll start with a 108 Starter Kit because the name seems to fit. The 108 koozie is standard. It’s the easiest thing to bring with you anywhere. Representing at the game is key, but just think how prepared and professional you will look pulling a koozie out at a holiday party?!  Plus how great will you or your loved ones look in this hat?  Mustache not included.

Buy it here: #108ing Starter Kit

Tampon Flasks

Ladies, this is a gem of an Amazon find and they are perfect for games! Don’t worry, the security will not touch your tampons during their five-minute raid through every.single.corner.and.pocket of your purse. Allow me to digress into the #thatsBS corner because it happens every.single.game. One of these games I’ll be showing up with a purse filled with a box of regular tampons and nothing else. *Just* to see the reaction from security. And for my own entertainment.

Back to the tampon flasks – grab a delicious lemonade and add a couple shots of vodka from your tampon flasks. #yum

Smuggle Your Booze Tampon Flask 5 Fake Tampons

Smirnoff Christmas Balls….of Vodka

I’m a sucker for holiday decorations and this is a genius holiday vodka promotion – a giant Xmas ornament filled with vodka. The bottle is pretty and I plan to re-use it next year. Like a Christmas decanter. So fun! You can find these in any liquor aisle.

Stocking Booze Bag

Next on the Xmas liquor-related gift list is this amazing stocking beverage holder.  I know it’s technically another flask, but this is not your normal flask.  You can fit a bottle of wine in this thing easily!

Stocking Flask

Ornament Shot Glasses

And finally, for your holiday 108ing, *actual* ornaments that you can fill with your favorite beverage.  The 108ers will hit the short glasses every now and then, so what better way to do it during the holiday season.

Christmas Spirit Shot Glasses ,set of 6

Do you have more #108ing gift ideas?  Please hit up @quernzy and @fromthe108 with your favorites!


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