The 108 Interview Series – Jeremy Scheuch Royals Superfan

You may not know him by name, but you have probably seen him around Sox Park, stopped in your tracks, and thought: Holy shit, this guy really loves the Royals! And he does. So now you’re asking, why is Chorizy-E interviewing a Royals fan? Well, I love baseball and I love going to the games, so hearing from an outsider that sees a lot of games at Sox Park interests me quite a bit. Not only that, I think his charity work is awesome, so I wanted to spread the word. So let’s meet Jeremy Scheuch.

Chorizy-E: How does a KC Royals superfan end up living in Chicago?

Jeremy: The marketing company I used to work for transferred me here in 2005. (If I remember correctly, that was a good year for the White Sox)

Chorizy-E: Having lived in Chicago as long as you have, but having an outsider’s perspective, how would you compare the Wrigley Field vs Sox Park (Guaranteed Rate/US Cellular/Comiskey Park) experience?

Jeremy: Wrigley is a great historic intimate ballpark. That kind of things wear off somewhat quickly and the wide concourses, bigger seats, better bathrooms, parking lots, and food options at Comiskey make it better to me.

Chorizy-E: What are your go-to food and drink options at Sox Park?

Jeremy: I’m typically a beer and hot dog kind of guy.

Chorizy-E: You’ll have to come out to the 108 for a dollar dog day and add to the carnage.

Chorizy-E: What has been your favorite experience at Sox Park?

Jeremy: Sitting front row on September 26, 2014 when the Royals clinched their first playoffs in 29 years.

Chorizy-E: You became an internet sensation when you rocked a vintage Royals cap and jacket at one of their games. Tell us the story.

Jeremy: I’ve been going to Royals games in Chicago since I moved here in 2005. In 2014 when the Royals were getting closer to clinching that playoff spot, I happened to get those crazy seats behind home plate from a friend of a friend and the rest just happened from there.

Chorizy-E: What is your favorite piece of Royals memorabilia?

Jeremy: Probably a baseball from that 2014 playoff clinching game.

Chorizy-E: We’ve seen some of the Royals art you’ve created, what’s the piece that means the most to you? We also saw that you’ve done a Frank Thomas zombie piece, what other Sox players would you do?

Jeremy: My favorite Royals art is probably the Mike Moustakas Moose Dong one, just because it’s so stupid and fun. Some people take baseball a little too seriously and I like to make it weird. I grew up with Frank Thomas, one of my favorites as a kid, but I’m up for anyone. I did do a Harold Brains baseball card that was pretty funny I think.

Chorizy-E: We took a trip to KC last year for Royals/Sox. It was a great time as we’ve documented, but we did notice that there were hardly any vintage jerseys. Maybe a couple of George Brett jerseys, but no Bret Saberhagen, Frank White, Dan Quisenberry, even Bo Jackson. As someone with vintage Royals gear-a-plenty, what’s going on there?

Jeremy: The Royals don’t have as much history as some other teams, but I always see Whites and Wilsons, and Bo jerseys at games.

Chorizy-E: Also on said trip, we hit a place called the Hi-Dive with a Mystery Beer Machine. Have you been? If so, tell us about a Mystery Beer Machine experience.

Jeremy: Hi-Dive opened after I left KC. I was a Buzzard Beach kind of guy.

Chorizy-E: Looking at a pic of it that shows “Great High Life Specials”. Seems like our kind of place. We’ll hit it up next time through.

Chorizy-E: What’s your outlook for the 2018 Royals? What did you think about the way they handled their many free agents this offseason?

Jeremy: Just like every year, I go in with no expectations but hope for the best. I’m just glad it’s almost baseball season.

Chorizy-E: Tell us about the work you are doing in Puerto Rico and what inspired you to take on this work?

Jeremy: My girlfriend and I love going to Puerto Rico. We went about 3 times a year before Maria. After the hurricane, we decided we needed to do something so we worked with our friend Carlos, who is from PR and over the days and weeks and months, things just kept getting bigger and bigger. They still need a lot of help and we couldn’t turn our back on a place that has given us so much. You can found out more about we have done at

Big thanks to Jeremy for taking the time to do this interview.  We hope to see him in the 108 at least a few times this year.


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