Week/End Round Up – Better Late Than Never.

So, in less than 24 hours we will do this again, but mine as well take a look at last week. I was gonna get this done on Monday, but my efforts were placed in another 108 project that I am pretty sure everyone will enjoy, especially #WallyMoney.  So last week?  What the hell happened?  I know I was drunk on 2 school nights, and Fri thru Sun like normal.  I know it was a fun week, so let’s recall it together.

“This is a MLB game?” – Little Miss Shortstop

Double Header Monday!

108 OG Classy Tom contacted me a few times on Sunday saying he was gonna come join me on Monday as his best bud Carson Fulmer was gonna make his first start with the Sox in the 2nd game.  He decided not to come, which was a good thing.  Carlos Rodon tossed a great 1st game so I figured that 2nd game was gonna be a blowout.  Glad our Sox didn’t disappoint.  Carson was setup to fail in my eyes, and the Twins have suddenly become a real team in the last few weeks.  Da faq?  I sat with #WallyMoney and #AlohaPeteHand for that game in Pete’s sick as fuck seats.  We left in the 7th of the 2nd game while our Sox were getting beat badly.  Debate took place between myself and the fellas about how many games will be like that second game next year.  Let’s just say Pete (who has much more baseball knowledge than me) think they won’t fall flat like that as much as myself. It was odd to talk that much baseball, but proved to be a trend. Saving grace,  it was Beatles night, so the music was bomb.



Aw yeah!  Giolito Day!  First start for our best guy on the farm (currently).  He pitched a solid 6 innings before the bullpen gave up a buncha runs, but Beefloaf and I were several beers deep in by that time, so it was all good. We even pre-gamed that night.  Pre-Game on a Tuesday?  Sounds like college.  I will crow more about Giolito later, so be patient.  Sox go down hard, now back a game in this series.


Plain ‘Ol Wednesday.

SIKE!  Timmy Anderson Walk Off Bruh!  Le-Le-Leury solo homered and scored the tying run thaks to a Moncada.  Really all you need to know besides it was $1 Hot Dog day which if you follow us on Twitter you will know that I ate 2 grilled and 2 boiled.  I also crushed 4 High Life’s before I walked down to the park.  Grilled over Boiled, all day.  ALL DAY. Don’t you forget it.



What a great shirt, but we made it better.


Sox were always gonna win this mofo.  Dutch killed it and the bullpen kept it together.  Took advantage of errors and closed out this series up 3 – 2. Not bad boys!  We pre-gamed again and got drunk yet again on a school night.  We discovered the 19.2oz Founders All Day IPAs which might be the solid go to in the 108.  A full 50¢ more than a Modelo, but not delivered to your seat, which is hard for us. Great series with the Twins, unlike what is going on as I type this.



The Elvi Badergate Uplift Mofo Party Plan.


People FUCKING love Elvis night.  For reals.  People LOVE Baderbrau Beer and Brats.  No doubt about it.  We combined the two on Friday and we would have blow the roof off the mother had there been one.  Rob and the Baderbrau crew brought the beer and the food, we brought our crew.  No one left disappointed, as evidenced by the trash can and empty cooler.


But what was disappointing was the lines.  Fucking lines to get in moved slower and slower, but luckily we had beer to drink.  When they finally forced us to leave, which was aided by no beer left, the lines were reasonable, but WTF White Sox?  It’s like it’s a surprise that you sold that many tickets and have 0 idea on what to do to get people in a timely fashion.


Maybe something happened, if so tweet at us, but I blame the lack of prep by the Sox staff.  Or just lack of staff.  Listen, we have like 4 or 5 “big” games all year.  Opening Day, Cubs Series, Elvis Night.  That’s about it.  Have a few random big games throughout the year too, but you can bet your sweet ass that those games will be filled and we shouldn’t look like we aren’t ready.  God help us when we get good.  Ugh, hurts me to even think about it.


Game was great! Yolmer walk off single.  I see a trend here.


Star Wars Night / MSS Bday Party!

A big huge thanks goes out to my wife for putting together a fun ass night in the 108 for my family and friends.  We has 30+ people up in there having a great time, drinking all the beers.  Plus there were bobbleheads! Thanks to the people that came down early with me and got extras!  Had a great time being a tourist so to speak, enjoying the festivities. Sox did it up good that night, but LINES again.

By some grace of god they sold more than 20k tickets 2 nights in a row and they decided to check tickets.  Sadly, they had 1 (ONE) guy checking a bunch of tickets.  Uh, 1 guy?  It was slow as fuck.  I watched as two people walked in front of me and my crew and waited awhile before I informed them that the line was back further.  They responded with “Well, we were here before” Huh?  That isn’t how lines work.  You go in, that is the line.  You don’t get displaced usually in a line, but you can leave that line, but that doesn’t entitle you to walk back to the front just cause you waited before, which I bet was a bullshit excuse anyways.  This would not be my only vocal complaint of the night….


The boys sit in Rows 12 and 13.  Our group was in 20, 21 and 22.  2nd inning.  Yolmer bombs a deep homer to right, which bounces off a table in the patio and into the loving hands of BeefLoaf.  It was simply amazing.  Not all that graceful, but amazing all the same.


My wife is a lovely person.  Maybe you saw her message from last Friday letting me know there was some pizza in the fridge so I didn’t need to venture to Freddies to pick up a slice. She always thinks the best things about people, it’s a hell of a quality.  I don’t always exhibit that quality, especially when I have had a few drinks.  Due to my large size, I hardly ever speak up, but it has happened a few times this summer.  So we were treated to this DURING the game.


Don’t get me wrong, I love kids.  I love kids making signs.  I love kids being at the game and kinda paying attention.  I HATE kids/adults/animals that don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves.  Does this kid know she is blocking the view of those of us behind her?  I am guessing no.  But this, as a father, is where you step in and show the kid what she is doing wrong.  Had my kid done this, I would have told her to sit down and explained why.  But after a few innings of this, she kept it going DURING THE GAME, I may have said “Sit Down” a little bit too loud for my lovely wife.

My wife and I engaged in a thought provoking convo about how I thought this kid was exhibiting “asshole-type behavior” and she thought that I had just called a kid an asshole.  Well, kids can be assholes, but I don’t think she was being an asshole.  What she was doing was “asshole-like” but that doesn’t mean she IS an ASSHOLE. We discussed this at great length, decided it might be better to let it go, which we did. Night saved!


Moments later, DURING A HALF INNING, she got on the board and the sign was never seen again.

It was a great night with many friends and family, only needed a W, but alas that wouldn’t come tonight.  Thanks to my wife for setting it up and for my friends and family for showing up!


My Uncle Lee would always say “Well, you can’t win them all” and he was right, but if you are Lucas Giolito you can win 1 of your first 2 starts.  Solid game by our new guy.  Showed why, unlike Fulmer, he deserves to be on that mound as a starter. Sox offense showed way the eff up especially Matty D.  Was great to watch.  Alot of our homies showed up that day, including the ‘Loaf and Chorizy’s extended family. Sleepy Harold even brought his GF!  It’s for real folks, they even have a dog!

It was a great end to a LONG DRUNK WEEK and WEEKEND.  Holy shit, less than 24 hours and we do it again.



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