The Weekend Round up!!!

You know the drill, let’s just get to it…….


An atrocity of a game, as the Tribe thumped our WhiteSox 9-3, the 108ers weren’t at full strength (and wouldn’t be all weekend), as we were missing MySoxSummer as he was pre-game only on Friday night.  WallyMoney stepped in to fill out the crew on Saturday night.  Derek Holland continues to be a huge disaster and players are launching the ball all over the yard on him.  I find it funny that any other teams would have interest in him given his performances of late.  Pete Hand came down to join us later in the game and was closely monitoring a scary creep that was sitting behind BeefLoaf during the game.  We drunk tons of booze and I still pretty much remember everything that happened.


6:10pm Saturday night games are our favorite as a group….you can live your life during the day and then get down to business.  The 108ers were short Slumpbuster and Biguns, but MySoxSummer was back to join Chorizy-E and BeefLoaf.  We also had 2 special guests, PC Jonny, who is a more than regular guest with the crew and a rare appearance by BigBeardski.  The Crew decided to head to Baderbrau for the pregame festivities (after a few brews at casa de BeefLoaf).  The staff at Baderbrau is top notch and so are the brews.


Anyone who hasn’t been to Baderbrau needs to get their ass over there asap.  We didn’t eat there this time, but we can vouch fully for the brats.  We were drooling over some of the other menu items as they were being delivered to other patrons.  After 60 minutes and 3 rounds, it was time to hit the ballpark.  Once we were in our seats we got a visit from our friend PeteHand who would join us for the duration……the game was a good one as we got an early 3 run jack from Abreu to stay in the game versus Corey Kluber.  The game turned quite curious when we found these folks.



They were having a little too much of a good time, as you might be able to tell.  Much like Kobiayski one of the gentlemen had a reversal of fortune.  The other pictures are on our twitter and are NSFW.  The 108ers did tip the young gentleman who was tasked with clean up.


After that mess left, an old friend and cousin of Chorizy-E & BeefLoaf, Beerbunghole and his lovely family joined us.


As you can tell by the picture we were having a few drinks and enjoying ourselves.  In the end, our Sox registered another #tankwin mostly due to Matt Davidson swinging at a pitch that hit him while the bases were loaded.


Just MySoxSummer and BeefLoaf wind down the weekend, but as we often are on Sundays, we were joined by the lovely Bonita Steakie. We bring you –

Bonita Steakie’s top favorite Dip n Dots flavors


1. Banana Split

2. Cotton Candy

3. Chocolate

4. Cookie Dough

5. Rainbow Ice

N/A Cookies n Cream

I was floored that she hasn’t even tried Cookies n Cream.  When it was hot af in KC and I needed some ice cream relief, I went Cookies n Cream and who wouldn’t, its delicious…..anywho.

 PeteHand came to join us and showed his clairvoyance by saying that the next person who would be called up to the White Sox would be Nicky Delmonico (fast forward to Tuesday and BINGO!).  Rodon

was good and the Sox hung tight through 8.5 innings.  In the bottom of the 9th, we got some magic, a walk-off 2 run jack by Matt Davidson.  A nice payoff to the weekend.

 After the game….the inaugural “Sunday Soak” occurred, if you haven’t  checked it out yet, please take yourself a look through this link.





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