Why I don’t care about Beer

Let me immediately put you at ease.  I am not talking about the beer you drink.  I care very much about that.  What I’m talking about is Seth Beer aka the greatest prospect in the history of baseball.  If you follow Sox Twitter, I am sure you have seen #TankForBeer in your feed.  The idea here is that the White Sox try to lose as much as possible to get the number one overall pick in the June 2018 draft.  I have a few problems with this:

The Padres

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Padres, you should take a look.  They’ve assembled a team that would make Rachel Phelps jealous.  Yeah, they have a few young players that might be good, but they’re also trotting out Jhoulys Chacin as their opening day starter.  If that is your best pitcher, it’s not good.  And it’s even worse if Clayton Richard is the #2 behind him.  Overall, their team WAR is a frowny face emoji.  This is the team that will pick #1 overall.

Seth Beer probably won’t be the #1 pick

I am sure you’ve been scouting all the high school juniors and college underclassmen that will be eligible in 15 months when this draft occurs, but I know I have not.  What I do know, is that it would be absolutely amazing to know, at this point, who the number 1 pick will be in next year’s draft.  It’s not even terribly obvious who that pick will be this year.  And it’s not like Seth Beer is some once in a lifetime, 5 tool talent that couldn’t possibly be passed up.  He had a tremendous Freshman year at the plate, and he started out pretty good this year.  His current slash is .255/.488/.582 which is impressive, but for a guy who is probably gonna be a 1b that is avg in the field, that’s not a #1 pick.  Baseball America discussed this and said the closest comparison they had at a 1-1 pick was Pat Burrell.  He was a pretty good pro and there are some pretty good Pat Burrell stories, but I doubt #TankForBurrell would be a very successful campaign.

It’s all in the name

Admit it, you really like this guy because his name is Beer.  I like that too, as beer is one of my favorite things.  And it would be really cool to have a guy on the team named Beer, even better if he was a good player.  But in reality, who knows if he’ll be worth picking at the top of the draft come June 2018.  We’ll need plenty of beer to get through this season and probably next year too, but I’ll pass on caring about Seth Beer for now.  We can just add this to the list of college sports I have 0 interest in.

One last note, in looking through great college prospects, I found the guy voted as College Player of the 20th Century.  He actually sounds a lot like Seth Beer.  So get excited to have the next Pete Incaviglia!


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