Save the World Series Cubs fans! (Or make it a reality Indians fans!)

Buy this.  Cubs will win for sure!


Wanna save the World Series Cubs fans? Let me tell you how it can happen. I bought this jersey because I am a big fan of the movie, Major League. I had yet to wear it until Game 1 of the 2016 World Series. And, yup, you guessed it, the Indians won. I know what you are saying, lucky night, but wait there’s more! For Game 2, I was out on business and I didn’t wear the jersey and guess what? The Cubs won! I was even skeptical myself, so for Game 3, I wore the jersey. Indians won! Last night, I went to a friends house to watch the game, donned the jersey and the Indians won big. Sold yet?

If you “Buy It Now” I will ship today, after it is paid for of course! I will not wear it ever again so the Cubs will win the rest of the games giving them their first World Series trophy since 1908. You can destroy this jersey, burn it, blow it up, whatever you wish! Remember this jersey can break curses that were set many years ago by a guy with a goat!

I cannot control who will buy this jersey, so you better act fast Cubs fans. If you are an Indians fan and you want your team to win tonight, contact me and I will instead wear it tonight to secure the victory. After they win I will ship it to you ASAP. You can add this magical jersey to the parade and display it next to the WS trophy as the MVP. I was skeptical that the powers were real, but after the ass whoppin’ the Tribe put on the Cubs last night, you and I can both agree it’s unquestionable now.

I feel the price of the jersey is fair when you consider it’s a World Series championship!

The jersey will ship Priority mail from the good ol’ USPS with tracking provided. It was made in China.

Send this to your Cubs fan buddy!  Have them take up a collection to save this World Series!  Follow us on Facebook!

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