National Stout Month: Part 2

I know exactly what you’re thinking.  “What happened to the weekly recaps of Brew Hand Luke’s stout reviews?”  Well, we’re back!  I may have slacked a little bit and am now calling splicing this into periodic recaps instead of weekly recaps.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be here with some stout reviews throughout National Stout Month on the 108 YouTube channel.  Go like and subscribe so you don’t miss any reviews when they drop.  

Half Acre Brewing: Big Hugs Imperial Coffee Stout (10% ABV)

I really enjoyed the coffee flavor in Big Hugs.  Half Acre brews this stout with Dark Matter Coffee which is one of the best coffee shops in Chicago.  The stout drank like a thicker and creamier stout, but the coffee notes were absolutely on point here.  

Greenbush Brewing: Dystopia (9% ABV)

Naturally, as I drive back from the state of Pure Michigan, I always find myself stopping in at Greenbush.  When I saw their yearly release of this Russian Imperial Stout had dropped, I immediately picked up a 4 pack.  Heavier on the chocolate favors but with some mild coffee notes, Dystopia is a delicious beer that is worth the price and the two state commute. 

Epic Brewing: Son Of A Baptist (8% ABV)

While I do enjoy the variety of coffee stouts that are out there, it comes with the potential for some not so great batches as well.  This was the case with this edition of Son Of A Baptist.  While easy to chug at a mere 8 percent ABV the coffee flavor was so overpowering that I was unable to taste anything other than coffee.  I appreciate Epic’s attempt at creativity with this one, but there’s far better options out there to choose from.  

Stay tuned for (at least) one more episode of stout review recaps for National Stout Month. 

-Brew Hand Luke

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