#108WeightLoss – ’22-’23 Week 15 – Doug Keeps SLAYING.

BeefLoaf – @MrDelicious13

Chorizy – @chorizy

MSS – @mysoxsummer

Josh Nelson – @soxmachine_josh

Billy Wires – @wires_billy

Bologna – @PeterFonseca

Missy – @messycarroll

Dougie Freshness $AMC- @Douglasm1986

Chief- @BarstoolChief

King & Queen Nom – @Pockets125 & @buehrlecat

Yumper & Svo – @YumperAndSvo / @LilYumper / @DoughBoiSvo

The Leaderboard

-The 108

Wanna Play At Home?

A bunch of people have asked if they can play at home and the answer is YES! If you wanna be like the cool kids, just post your weight on Thursday and track your progress! If you don’t want to post your weight, just post the % lost/gained weekly. If you end up beating the ’22-’23 #108WeightLoss Champion, we’ll send you some FREE 108 swag*.

*Restrictions DO apply and we reserve the right to tell you to GFY if we think you are being dishonest.

Get ready everybody, it’s gonna get nuts!

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