Fading Ben Verlander

Every group has their guy that you just don’t ride with when they bet. In Bronx Tale it was Eddie Mush, on Chicken Dinner it’s The Bartender, in Brew Hand Luke’s blogs it’s King Nom, and in Harlem Nights it was that poor son of a bitch that got shot in the head by a kid after saying “kids bring me bad luck.”

What I didn’t realize is that the MLB version of this is Ben Verlander. Check out this tweet:

Now, looking at his predictions for the 2nd round, he’s pretty much gone all chalk (picked the favorites). So I assume he’s gonna break the streak. But hey, wouldn’t it be fun to fade him? If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s taking the opposite side of someone else’s bet. Not necessarily betting head to head with them, just seeing what they bet and going against it. It’s the less extreme version of the scene in Let It Ride where Jay Trotter asks everyone to pick a horse and he bets the only one nobody took.

Unfortunately, the prices aren’t great at any of the books out there, so ride with me if you dare. But why not have a little fun and fade Ben Verlander?


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