KenWo’s 3 tips to turn BeefLoaf from a Babyface to a Heel

I did the unthinkable the other day. I reached out in the DM’s to KenWo and asked his advice on something that I didn’t even realize was a thing a couple tree years back. I asked him how he thought I, the BeefLoaf, could be less of a Babyface. What’s a Babyface? Glad you asked, because I knew nothing about this not too long ago, so I am happy to share my findings with you.

KenWo, yes the camera is in focus

The term comes from professional wrestling, which I know absolutely zero about. In fact, back in the old days, I’d make fun of my friend Slim Mick for being obsessive about wrestling. I thought it was ridiculous. Fast forward to years later and I am the outlier as it seems like a healthy majority of White Sox twitter in fact enjoys wrestling. Anywho, the terminology….

Pretty straightforward, the “Babyface” is basically the good guy. I looked up who the biggest Babyface wrestlers of all time were and I actually remember a couple tree of the names from when I was a yout. The funniest one I remembered was Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, who Bleacher Report dubbed the “prototypical face”.

Picture of Ricky Steamboat from The Wrestling Insomniac blog

The polar opposite of the “face” or Babyface is the Heel. This is for all intents and purposes, the bad guy. Peep the definition below.

Ric Flair is considered one of the all-time greatest “Heels” in wrestling

For awhile, KenWo has been on me that I am too much of a Babyface and that I get the reactions of a Face when we in fact share the same opinion on something. A great example of this is that even going back into the off-season after the 2019 season we were just a couple of the few that were in favor of re-singing Jose Abreu to a long-term deal. My blog on that signing is HERE.

The “Intelligensia” was firmly on the other side, but while Ken probably got called an idiot or much worse, I got mild disagreement at most in direct discussions. Personally, I think KenWo just wants to see me elicit the reactions he gets because he thinks it’s fun. My recent tweets about Leury Garcia are probably a popular development in his eyes, but let’s hear from the man himself on how he thinks I could get this done.

Tip #1 – Become a TLR Stan

We are coming outta the gate hot. I do have a bunch of experience in this vain. I was most definitely in the minority writing blogs about situations in which I thought Ricky Renteria was putting into play excellent strategy when damn near the rest of the Sox Twittersphere wouldn’t hear such a thing. However, I think I only have one such blog in favor of a La Russa strategy in the nearly two years he’s been here.

KenWo says to become an outspoken support of this fella

Okay, I guess as a start, one thing I have been telling Chorizy lately is that I am grateful for how long Tony chooses to go with his starters. I don’t think a more 2020’s thinking manager would be squeezing the fruitful juices out of Johnny Cueto properly and the White Sox would probably be worse for it. He’s done a great job letting him get very deep into games…..I’ll let Ken grade me on that. Next up…

Tip #2 – Embrace your inner Accountant

LOL! Now this seems closer to up my alley. I do enjoy wine a ton and have recently told Mrs. Beef that my years of having long hair are very limited. However, I don’t really enjoy polo shirts or button ups, unless I can wear a short sleeve shirt with the collar real loose. This feels like a possible angle that I could execute in the short term. And he’s totally right, I often get the “oh, your an Accountant, I would’ve never thought that”.

BeefLoaf in the not-so-distant future, well, not the whiteness

One addendum to Tip #2 that KenWo provided me later on, see below….

This is wild, but at the office, I do go by Patrick. That’s right, I don’t go by the shortened version of my name, full fucking name at the office. So while this would be quite the change up at the ballpark, I’m kinda used to it already. Hmm…

Tip #3 – Shun the People!!

HAHAHAHA!! This all would be way outta character, but could be hilarious to do for one night. I am not sure I have the energy to be that person on a consistent basis, but you never know, there tend to be enough hardo ushers and security people hanging around Sox park, I could probably befriend one of thems to help me out if I wanted to take on this suggestion.

MySoxSummer already loves this suggestion from KenWo

It is true, I do share many White Sox beliefs with KenWo. Will I try out these moves that are suggested by the White Sox Twitter Heel KenWo, we’ll see, 2022 season is almost over, but there is always next year…



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