What Are You Drinking? Minneapolis Edition

I was only able to spend a quick 24 hours in Minneapolis and attend one game of the White Sox road trip.  However, I made sure to take full advantage of my time there and try as many different beers as possible in that time.  Quick shoutout to Josh Nelson for organizing an amazing event on Saturday at North Loop Galley.  North Loop Galley happened to also have an extensive craft beer menu, which was a big help to my time there in preparation for this blog.  Here’s just a brief list of some beers from Minneapolis that I had never had before that I enjoyed.  

Schell’s Brewing Company: Deer Brand Lager (4.7% ABV)

A flagship of a classic Minnesota brewery, Deer Brand was formerly referred to simply as “Schell’s Original.”  Considering that the weather was extremely humid and that the festivities began at 10:30 a.m. I knew this was the right beer to lead off with.  While there was nothing that truly stood out for me with Deer Brand, I had to make sure to start out slow while also enjoying a classic Minnesota beer that has been around since the pre-prohibition era.      

Indeed Brewing Company: Pistachio Cream Ale (5.5% ABV)

This is one that caught my eye quickly while perusing the beer list at North Loop Galley. If you like pistachios then you will enjoy this beer.  There is no need to think twice about a beer brewed with pistachios as this was a hit.  This beer is loaded with pistachio flavor while also giving you the delicious, malty taste that a cream ale has to offer.  This is the perfect “dessert beer” if you’re into that kind of thing.  

Bent Paddle Brewing: Cold Press Black Coffee Ale (6% ABV)

For the final beer with the three drink tickets provided at the pregame meetup at North Loop Galley, I went with a coffee ale.  This was a beer that My Sox Summer would’ve thoroughly enjoyed had he not been too hungover and puking on the sidewalk outside of the bar.  Cold Press Black is a phenomenal beer that not only brings the coffee, but also some delicious notes of chocolate.  I also enjoyed this as a black ale as opposed to the more popular coffee stouts that you see on the market.  This was by far my favorite of the three beers that I had at North Loop Galley

Summit Brewing Company: Cabin Crusher Kolsch Ale with Lime (4.8% ABV)

As I ventured over to Target Field on a sweltering, humid, 90 degree day, I was looking for a go to beer for the game.  Once I discovered Cabin Crusher, there was absolutely no turning back.  Loaded with zesty lime as well as lemon peel flavor but still giving you the taste of an ice cold beer, this is the equivalent to Pineapple Guppy at White Sox games.  The lower ABV also is a great option for attending a day game in the heat.  If you are at a Twins game, make sure to crush these beers (and root against the Twins.)  

Going into the trip to Minneapolis, I had minimal expectations for the craft beer scene.  I can now say that I am very impressed with the variety as well as the product from the beers that Minneapolis has to offer.  Job well done Minnesota, also thanks for losing three out of four to our White Sox!

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