Rick Hahn should obviously hire…

Going way back since the Lord’s year of 2016, we at the 108 have been big supporters of the White Sox rebuild. In a way it’s especially tough on our breed of fan, the full season ticket holder. We are out there, ass in seat, through all the really bad baseball.

Rick still asks about his cut of these t-shirts

In the course of ingesting a long rebuild and even during some of the highlights of recent vintage, as a brand we have been pretty critical of Hahn. I’d probably put us #2 behind SoxMachine who literally has wanted him fired dozens of times and would like him to die penniless and insane. Our fervor isn’t always negative, lots of times we look for areas for him to improve.

Recently, I was moved by a tweet that I saw, for which I cannot find. Paraphrasing, the tweet said, that Rick Hahn isn’t as successful as he should be because he hires guys like him. He needs to hire people with different skillsets to truly improve the organization.

WOW! Great thought and something that troubles most managers of people.

For whatever Rick Hahn is, he definitely has a skill set which includes, making trades to build a good core for a rebuild, signing players to below market ish deals to secure their services for the long-term, finding catchers in the minor league rule 5 draft, fooling #Hahnbots into thinking he’s a genius, never solving Right Field and never getting fired.

So who should he hire that has a complimentary skill set of his????

Rick Hahn should hire Winston Wolf

That’s right, I want Rick Hahn to hire Winston Wolf. And unless you are a total goof like the guy in the tweet below, you have seen Pulp Fiction and know exactly what Winston Wolf can do.

I don’t think you can have a world class organization without a guy like Winston Wolf who just solves problems. Marsellus Wallace knew that, but for some reason it doesn’t seem like the White Sox organization is acutely aware of this. Rick Hahn would benefit greatly from a guy who just looks at a situation and objectively observes to get right to the heart of the problem.

The White Sox Right Field situation is basically like when Jules and Vincent shot Marvin in the face, it’s bad and if it doesn’t get solved soon, this whole rebuild is going to go to shit. The time is now. Rick. HIRE WINSTON WOLF!


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