White Sox Run Club Bio: Roxy (@Roxy__Virginia)

A regular attendee to games in the 108, Roxy, has recently gotten into the running game.  I was very excited to have Roxy share her story because of this and hopefully it can help serve as motivation for anyone on the fence about getting involved in running.  Don’t worry, she still has plenty of time to roast Josh Nelson when he is a guest on the 108 podcast.  

How long have you been running for?

Less than two weeks lol

How in the world did you get into running?

I impulsively started it as a way to get active without needing to trek to the gym. I have several friends that run, a few of which have run marathons, and have come to appreciate how challenging yet rewarding running can be. 

Running Shoe:

Just got the Diadora Mythos Blushield Vigore (fancy huh?) from fleet feet. Not sure if I will stick to these after my first official run in them but good to get my feet wet and know what I want in a shoe

Favorite Running Route:

Working on this now actually, I think the local park will have the best route because I’ll see so many dogs. 

Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to during your runs?  

Also in the works but I need to run to heavier music to avoid talking myself out of quitting. Artists like Behemoth, Slipknot, Slaughter to Prevail, and Rammstein to name a few. Once running is more natural I’ll tone it down (maybe not though)

What advice do you have for other White Sox Run Club participants about running or staying active?

It’s a taller task to make excuses than it is to just do it. I currently do interval running of 5 minutes running, 1 min walking then 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking, etc until I’m down to just one minute of running. It takes less than 30 minutes to get that routine done and then I can go about my day. I am guilty of making things into a bigger issue in my head then when I’m done I go “thats all it took?” However you can get your body moving, even if its a walk down to get more beer because this White Sox team makes you drink, every step counts. 

Remainder of 2022 White Sox Season Bold Prediction:

No Sox player will have more than 25 homers by EOY

Sox will fire TLR before the season ends but after the ASG to make a big playoff push

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