White Sox Run Club 2023

Welcome to year 3 of the White Sox Run Club!  If you’re new here, a tradition began in 2021 with running 108 miles from January 1st through opening day.  Check out last year’s blog with the initial details from last season.  During the lull of the winter months, it can be difficult for many to be motivated to stay active.  The goal with the White Sox Run Club is not only to get everyone moving and active, but also to get as many people involved as possible while having fun along the way.     

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What’s New In 2023?

Over the past year, I reflected on last year’s 108 mile challenge.  The biggest thing that crossed my mind was “How can I get more people involved?”  108 miles in three months might be attainable for many, but others could easily look at that as an unrealistic goal and simply say “I’m out!” Good news!  There are now several options for 2023, so hop aboard and choose your fighter!

Option One: OG 108 Miles To Opening Day

This is the challenge that got it all started.  Log your miles between January 1st and opening day on March 30th.  As usual, I will be participating in this option and logging miles and tweeting updates as I go.  Important Note: You can also walk these miles!  As you share your mileage, make sure to tweet #WhiteSoxRunClub.  

Option Two: 10.8 Miles/ Week

This is a good option for anyone that has a hard time with running on a regular basis or is slowly trying to get back into running.  Life, work, and injuries always have a way of making it difficult for many to log mileage for three months.  This option gives you the freedom to log miles on a week by week basis.  Any time you hit the 10.8 mile goal in a week, tweet it out and share #WhiteSoxRunClub.  It doesn’t have to be every week, however, this may keep you motivated on a semi regular basis and get you involved and interacting with more White Sox fans.  

Option Three: 108 Minutes/Week

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned through the years of being involved with running, it’s that mileage can sometimes scare people off.  While it’s the most popular way to measure volume and easy to inform people on how far you’re running, minutes is a good way to log running also.  It also gets way more people involved because we all run at different paces and the difficulty level can vary for everyone.  I strongly encourage this option for anyone that is bored with mileage or simply wants to try something fun and different.  Simply log how far you run (or walk!) each day and record that by the week.  Want to only run 10 to 15 minutes at a time? Perfect!  Want to run for 108 minutes and get it done all at once?  Also acceptable!  Every time you reach 108 minutes in a week, tweet the results with #WhiteSoxRunClub

The MySoxSummer & Josh Nelson Special: Bike, Walk, Do Whatever!

I had several inquiries last year about biking mileage, among other things.  MSS was going to do whatever he wanted, but was happy to be involved by doing things such as rowing and #HillsForKenWO.  Josh Nelson not only did a healthy amount of walking on the treadmill, he also is big into the peloton.  Whether it’s a peloton or any other stationary bike or biking outdoors, it doesn’t matter.  Just get involved!  Simply multiply your biking miles by 3 to do a simple and easy conversion to biking miles.  

Choose any of these four options, whatever you do just remember the key pillars of #WhiteSoxRunClub

  1. Stay Active
  2. Get Involved and Interact With Others by using #WhiteSoxRunClub for all to see
  3. Have Fun!

-Brew Hand Luke


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