White Sox Run Club Bio: Larry (@ihave5broats)

Larry has been a periodic runner for a long time but has recently become more invested and motivated to continue running.  Larry’s progress has been one of my favorites to follow along the way this past year.  Keep up the great work, Larry!  Check out his story below and give him a follow.  

Michael Dukakis

How long have you been running for?

I think I started running around 18 months of age. I took a long hiatus from about 10 to 25 and then got back into it to keep myself healthy, with moderate success.

How in the world did you get into running?

I had lost all stamina or athletic ability after college because I had no outlet for exercise. I thought I had this genius idea of going from the couch to running a marathon. I knew nothing about training or injury prevention and gave myself foot and lower leg issues that I’ve now had off and on for the last 15 years or so. I did get that marathon in 2010 and I did it by going from chemo to 26.2 in just under 9 months. That was my proudest running accomplishment.

Running Shoe: 

Allbirds Tree Flyers. They’re super light weight, but have a lot of cushioning and I need both. They have a good rebound and I’ve had no soreness in my feet or legs since I bought them about a month ago. They’re amazing.

Favorite Running Route:

I need to keep my mind active or I get really bored running and it’s torture. So we got a treadmill. I know, treadmills are torture. You are correct. However, I got an iPad to watch TV while I run. Currently I’m watching new episodes of The Boys on my Friday run and Six Feet Under on Monday and Wednesday. I watched all of Ozark and The Americans this year. So I guess Ozark was my favorite running trail?

Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to during your runs?  

See above, I guess.

What advice do you have for other White Sox Run Club participants about running or staying active? 

1. Make it a habit. I hate running, especially in the morning. I get my wife and kids out the door around 6:45am and then go right to the treadmill. I don’t give myself a chance to find something else to do or talk myself out of it. It’s just part of my day and I feel great when I finish.

2. Pair running with an enjoyable activity. When I was watching Ozark, I told myself I could only watch it while running. That gave me something to look forward to when I got on the treadmill. If you’re running outside, find a new album or podcast to run to and only allow yourself to listen while running. You’ll find yourself looking forward to that part.

Remainder of 2022 White Sox Season Bold Prediction:

I don’t have a bold prediction. It feels like the most probable thing is that they’ll continue to be mediocre, make no changes at the deadline, and we’ll all be angry going into Bears season which will be misery as well.

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