White Sox Run Club: Season 2 Part 2

Congratulations to everyone that participated and completed the 108 mile challenge as part of the White Sox Run Club.  This run club would not be where it is today without having all of you actually join in and participate and share your adventures along the way.  I recently shared some news about donating to charity after I completed my 108 miles that you can check out below.  

Several people have inquired about getting involved in another challenge now that the timeline of the first challenge has expired.  Additionally, I have had others reach out to me saying that they still want in and that they missed out on the challenge from earlier this season.  After hearing several suggestions, I have decided that we will indeed be running it back! (see what I did there?!)  

What Does This All Mean?

I am happy to announce that we will be doing another 108 mile challenge.  The time frame for this will be from Opening Day(ish) until the All Star break, with the All Star Game being on July 19th.  That gives everyone the opportunity to run or walk 108 miles in just over 3 months.  If you never reached the original goal, that’s ok, your mileage from the first goal can absolutely carry over to round 2!  As always, the more people that get involved the better.  I love seeing everyone participate and share their mileage as well as their experiences.  

But Wait, There’s More!

Even though the weather in April has been brutal so far, we are due for some amazing weather for outdoor activities.  If you have been on the treadmill all winter or simply do not enjoy running outside in freezing temperatures, now is the time to get out and get involved.  Not only do I want to see your updates, I want to see pictures of the sites and trails from wherever you are running.  There’s plenty of beautiful trails, paths, and views for all to see during a run.  Share these pics along with your mileage updates.  If you’re running some sort of road race, share your experience as well regardless of the distance.  As always don’t forget to use #WhiteSoxRunClub whenever you have an update.  I will see all of them and retweet my favorite ones, who knows, you may even find yourself in an upcoming blog!  

What If I Don’t Want To Run?

As always, all are welcome to participate in any form.  Walking is obviously the simplest, however, there are several who have gone other routes such as biking or rowing.  Your stories are still important too as we want as many people involved as possible to join in.  If you’re into the biking portion, check out what Steve-O is going to be doing and feel free to join in with him.  

I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces getting involved in White Sox Run Club as well as seeing the previous participants continue to hammer out the miles.  Best of luck and Go White Sox!!

-Brew Hand Luke

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