Favorite Album: @BrewHandLuke

You know damn well I’m gonna ask my favorite beer drinking hippie what his favorite album is.

Name/Twitter Handle

Brew Hand Luke – @BrewHandLuke

Favorite Album

Pearl Jam – Yield

First time you heard it

February 3, 1998, the day it was released.

How often do you listen to it?

I bust it out on vinyl 4-5 times a year and then I will typically listen to it throughout the week after putting it on the turntable. I always make sure to listen to Yield on the anniversary of their release date.

Why is this your favorite album?

Pearl Jam is my all time favorite band and this album came out when I was in 8th grade. There are a lot of sentimental memories from this album and it is proof that, despite what My Sox Summer believes, there are many outstanding Pearl Jam albums out there after Vitalogy.

The Yield tour is also the first time I was able to see Pearl Jam live. For me, Yield is what separated Pearl Jam from the rest of the 90’s grunge bands of that era. Mike McCready and Stone Gossard’s guitar riffs on Brain of J and MFC are vastly underrated. Yield also really shows off the depth of the band more than any other album. You have Stone Gossard’s lyrics and music on “All Those Yesterday’s” to close out the album as well as bassist Jeff Ament getting the opportunity to display his talents on “Low Light.” Speaking of Jeff Ament, it was his vision for the album artwork to have a random Yield sign photoshopped on a country road near his hometown in Montana.

Yield even brought a documentary following the making of the album directed by Cameron Crowe title “Single Video Theory” that I still try to watch yearly to see if I pick up on anything new. The Yield tour lead to Pearl Jam releasing “Live On Two Legs” at the end of 1998 with tracks from their tour earlier that summer.

If weren’t for the success of Yield, Pearl Jam may have never had a springboard to their career that has now lead them to having former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron now as their full time drummer and Boom Gaspar as a full time member of their band.

Which track would be your walk up music?

Do The Evolution. Mike McCready shredding on this track is a no brainer.

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