The One Hitter – I Can’t Find the Sons of Hahnarchy YouTube Channel

This is the One-Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.

As most of yous know, me and my 108ing cohorts were just on the Sons of Hahnarchy podcast. We were there to help them celebrate their 108th show. See below.

It was a great time and we had tons of fun with the fellas. However, the next day, I went to find the YouTube link and well, I was not successful.

I can’t fucking find the show on YouTube

There’s my first try, it brought up some YouTube entries about something called “Sons of Anarchy”, which I understand is a pretty good show that I couldn’t give two fucks about. Anyways, I figured maybe I just need to adjust my search and I should be gucci.

Second verse, same as the first. Still no Steve-O, still no Hawt Take Thomas. Is this boomer shit? Me not being able to work a search engine on YouTube or do we have a bigger problem here. Tough to tell. I know I was on that podcast and it’s allegedly somewhere on Al Gore’s Internet, but I can’t find that fucker.

I’ve given up the search. Sorry guys, I want to support you, but I can’t find your fucking channel. I guess the moral of the story here is, don’t name your podcast after this guy, because YouTube dgaf.


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