Booziest Baseball Fans has its day in court

A little less than a year ago, a “study” came out about the booziest baseball fans. I put study in quotes because the methodology is hilarious:

So roughly 88 people per team self-reported after not possibly being at a baseball game for over a year. It’s almost like there should be data available on this, but apparently this is the best we can do. Nevertheless, this is a fun poll and we definitely discussed White Sox fans holding the championship belt for this.

Fast forward to 2022 and the case of Bruce Lee, who ran a ticket scam that netted him about $1M. It’s an interesting case, definitely worth a read:

But prior to sentencing, Bruce’s lawyers are pointing out how much revenue their client generated for the White Sox. And how are they doing that? With the ridiculous ass “study” mentioned above. You cannot make this shit up. As goofy as that study is, it’s now a footnote in a court document. I’m not sure how much more official White Sox fans’ drinking prowess can be.


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