Favorite Album: @_AlohaMrHand

With an encyclopedic knowledge of both baseball and music, I definitely wanted to hear about Mr. Hand’s favorite album.

Name/Twitter Handle

Aloha Mr Hand – @_AlohaMrHand

Favorite Album

Don Henley – Building The Perfect Beast

First time you heard it

The first song I heard from the album was “Boys of Summer”. I saw the debut of the video on MTV at my aunts house. I was blown away by the song. When the album came out I bought it at Ford City and rushed home to listen to the magnificent vocals of Don Henley.

How often do you listen to it?

Multiple times a year, there are times where I will hear one of the songs from the album on radio and just decide to listen to the entire album.

Why is this your favorite album?

For me good music not only entertains but can also transport you back to a time and place. With this album I am always transported back to my bedroom at my parents house my junior year in high school. The Bears just lost the NFC title game in San Francisco, but would come back and win the Super Bowl. The White Sox traded LaMarr Hoyt for an unknown shortstop named Ozzie Guillen and there was this rookie playing for the Bulls wearing #23 named Michael something.

Which track would be your walk up music?

“Boys of Summer” would be good, but I think the opening of “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” would be terrific.

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