BeefLoaf and Chorizy-E bets: Divisional Weekend Round-Up

The fellas were only able to get one victory. Let’s see how that played out. And remember, if you want to get in on the action, sign up at with promo code: 108ING

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Divisional Saturday

Chorizy-ERandy Bullock Over 6.5 pts-140($140)0
BeefLoafDerrick Henry Over 85.5 rush yds-115($115)0
Chorizy-EElijah Mitchell Over 18.5 rush att-115($115)0
BeefLoafGeorge Kittle Over 4.5-105($105)0


Divisional Sunday

Chorizy-EMatt Stafford TD 1000($100)$1,100
BeefLoafMike Evans Under 5.5 rec-105($105)0
Chorizy-EStefon Diggs TD130($100)0
BeefLoafByron Pringle Over 30.5 rec yds-115($115)0

If you were choosing one bet to win, it was the Stafford TD.

In total, Beef and Chorizy laid down $895 and won $1100, for another small net profit. See ya next round!

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