BeefLoaf and Chorizy-E bets: NFL Divisional Round Sunday

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Rams at Buccaneers

Chorizy-E: We had a rough day yesterday, so time to play catch up. This is typically a bad idea, but we’re gonna do it anyway. I know Stafford is not a mobile guy, but the idea that someone who touches the ball every play is 10 to 1 to run it into the end zone makes me want to bet it.

BeefLoaf: Chorizy is right, we took a beating yesterday (luckily I had a bunch of Bengals bets or it would’ve been a really crappy day), so I am going back to the well here. In the pantheon of players who have kicked me in the balls in prop betting, Mike Evans is on the medal stand. If I bet OVER on him he disappears like Jimmy Hoffa. If I bet UNDER, you can bet he’ll be Rod Tidwelling it up in the end zone multiple times. This is an anti-Evans bet, and anti-Brady bet. SPITE. We are going for SPITE here.

Bills at Chiefs

Chorizy-E: With yesterday’s massacre and my early bet being a +1000 long shot, I’m sure I’ll really be chasing at this point. But when I see value like Stefon Diggs at +130 to score a TD, I am jumping on that.

BeefLoaf: Looking very forward to this game, but it seems like a pretty even grudge match so I bet on something that has to be made up. Byron Pringle? Is this a real player? Feels like the books are trying to angle shoot a guy like me who is just betting fun stuff for his blog. Why can’t bet over 2.5 tackles on Jimmy Lays or under 12.5 rushing attempts for Anthony Ruffles? Seems like a goddamn set up and BIG POTATO CHIPS is in on it.

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