BeefLoaf and Chorizy-E bets: Wildcard Weekend Round-Up

After three full days of wildcard fun, let’s see how the boys did. And remember, if you want to get in on the action, sign up at with promo code: 108ING

Pointsbet Sportsbook with the FromThe108 crew

Wildcard Saturday

Chorizy-EJoe Burrow over 1.5 TD passes-171($170.02)$270.03
BeefLoafJosh Jacobs over 60.5 rush yds-115($115)$215
Chorizy-EDawson Knox TD250($50)$175
BeefLoafMac Jones under 30.5 pass attempts-131($130.01)0

Solid start for the fellas.

Wildcard Sunday

Chorizy-ERob Gronkowski TD125($100.00)$225.00
BeefLoafJalen Hurts under 60.5 rush yds-136($135.01)$235.01
Chorizy-EDeebo Samuel over 25 rush yds-160($160.00)$260.00
BeefLoafJimmy Garoppolo under 2505.5 pass yds-125($125.00)$225.00
Chorizy-EBen Roethlisberger over 225.5 pass yds-115($115.00)$0.00
BeefLoafPatrick Mahomes under 25.5 pass attempts-115($115.00)$0.00

Great start, but Sunday night hurt.

Wildcard Monday

Chorizy-EPointsbetting Total Points over 51$10/pt($60.00)$0.00
BeefLoafZach Ertz first TD1300($100.00)$0.00

No winners to be found.

In total, Beef and Chorizy laid down $1375.04 and won $1605.04, for a small net profit they will assuredly blow next round. See ya in the Divisional Round!

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