BeefLoaf and Chorizy-E bets: NFL Wildcard Sunday

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Eagles at Buccaneers

Chorizy-E: Looking at props this morning, I was surprised to see this with a + in front of it, so I grabbed it. He’s not in prison for insurance fraud yet, so I expect him to get into the end zone.

BeefLoaf: I’ve only even seen Jalen Hurts play like four times, but every time I catch the Eagles, Hurts seems to get demolished by an opposing pass rusher and missing half the game. The Bucs really seemed to have Justin Fields running for his fucking life all game, so I expect the Hurts to either spend have the game in the tent or maybe not having so much success as a rusher.

49ers at Cowboys

Chorizy-E: If I’m the 49ers, I’m leaning heavily on Deebo in this game and 25 yds rushing seems like it would have to happen if they have a chance at winning. The only part that scares me on this is the speed of the Cowboys defense.

BeefLoaf: Look, Jimmy G is a local guy, he’s a White Sox fan and I overwhelmingly approve in his choice of porn stars. However, in the pantheon of players that I expect to fuck up in the big game, Jimmy G is on the medal stand.

Steelers at Chiefs

Chorizy-E: If the Steelers pull this off, it’ll be on Big Ben’s arm and if they get their asses kicked, Big Ben will have to throw the ball 100 times. So I’m looking at the yardage over and thinking it has to happen.

BeefLoaf: I think the Chefs are a much better team here, but the Steelers are physical af. That’s usually the best way to get to a star QB. We see it regularly with Brady, and we saw it in the Super Bowl last year with Mahomes. I could also see the Chefs getting up big and taking the air outta the ball to get to next week in Cincy.

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