Star Wars: Book of Boba Fett Predictions

If you haven’t heard, and if you clicked on this I assume that is impossible, there is a new Star Wars show featuring Boba Fett that premieres on Disney+ tomorrow December 29th. There are, of course, rumors abound of who will appear in the show, what the show will be about, etc. And since my predictions are historically bad, I am going to take a shot at which characters will make the jump from cartoon or book into live action. Spoilers for previous shows/books if you haven’t consumed them.


They are gonna be in Jabba’s palace, there better damn well be a rancor in there to eat someone. If you’re unfamiliar with Muchi, it’s a rancor that was introduced in the Bad Batch. Wrecker ended up fighting it to a draw and in the end, it was returned to Bib Fortuna. So what do we know: Bib owned this rancor, Luke killed the rancor (not Muchi) in Jabba’s pit, they’ll be in Jabba’s palace, and there will definitely be someone who needs to be fed to a creature. All of this makes it clear in my mind that we’ll see Muchi.

Cad Bane

This is one that I just want to happen. Cad Bane is one of the best characters Dave Filoni brought to the Clone Wars and has continued to be awesome in all of his appearances, including a run in with Fennec Shand. There is even a full storyline that was left out of the Clone Wars in which there was a duel between him and Boba Fett. Feels like it should be revisited.


What could put Cad Bane and Boba Fett at odds again? Possibly Omega. Omega is the closest thing Boba has to a sister as she’s also a direct clone of Jango Fett. The remnant of the Empire, especially the cloners, may still be after her. In which case, it would make sense to see Bane chasing her again. Maybe we’ve already seen her.

Prince Xizor

This is one I’ve been hearing and it’s intriguing because he’s largely a Legends character, but is the leader of the Black Sun. This would allow the writers to have some existing material while not being tied to really anything in canon. If the underworld is going to be explored in this show, it would make sense to see this character. They can get rid of any other ruling parties in the Black Sun with a simple line of dialogue “Oh you thought so and so was in charge, blah blah blah”. Easy enough. In Legends this dude is very rich and powerful, so it would be quite the chore for Boba to rope him in.


As I am thinking about what could unite these criminal organizations, it could definitely be Thrawn. If your main source of income is crime, it’s likely you’d prefer the New Republic to the Empire. One seems to handle things nicer than the other. In which case, Thrawn would pose a major threat to the syndicates. He is the one force I could see causing them to unite.

Hondo Ohnaka

As far as I know, this dude is still alive at this time and has always been part of the underworld. They may save him for some other shows, but a quick cameo would be fun.

Hutt Child

I will be surprised to see this as it was only in the Aftermath novel and not discussed much at all, but there is a baby Hutt on Tatooine that Malakili is raising. This happening in the same area as Cobb Vanth is the only reason I think it’s possible. But would they really go Baby Yoda then Baby Jabba? Actually, they probably would…

All right, that’s a lot of these predictions. Hopefully I can hit on at least one of these. But I won’t consider it a win unless I get at least 4. Which we all know ain’t happening. There is a good chance you’ll see me on YouTube with SoxMachine Josh breaking down these episodes, so make sure to subscribe.


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