Jets ML Bet this weekend is your best investment of 2021

I’m BeefLoaf and I bet on the Jets.

I am not interested in betting on the spread. That’s for wankers. I bet on the Jets money line. The “money line” for the uninitiated is when you bet on the team to win the game outright. The Jets are a bad team, but they win more than they should. 2020 was a banner year!!

So far in 2021, we are a small loser, but that turns around this weekend! The mother of all Jets bets is in front of us. They are at home against the Bills and they are way too big of underdogs. Just a couple weeks ago, the Bengals were in East Rutherford, New Jersey and they got us all the way back to even.

This week is gonna be even better.

That’s a quality bet. I know what you are thinking, “BeefLoaf, this is gambling, it is not a sound investment”. You know what, fuck that! Let’s go over some other investment options you have this weekend.

S&P 500

This is the S&P 500, most of you don’t even know what the fuck that is, but you could invest in it. It’s up almost 26% in 2021. That’s a lot for this type of investment. To put it in perspective if you had the hindsight to put $100 into this shit at the beginning of the year, you’d have $126 right now. If the Jets win on Sunday, your $100 will be worth $575. You don’t need to take your shoes and socks off to figure this one out.

Start a YouTube Channel

I’ve actually done this. You’d be better off robbing wishing wells. First you gotta build up an audience of at least 1,000 subscribers, which takes some time to do organically. Mostly it took me begging for a half year for people to sign up. Then you start earning like $0.0038 per view. We get thousands of views in a normal month and last month we earned like $9. BIG MONEY!!

The Tooth Fairy

I guess this could be a viable option. The going rate in the city for a tooth under your pillow is about $5, unless you got a cheap fucking dad like MySoxSummer, then it’s some second hand toy (likely a beanie baby). Next you gotta figure out how many expendable teeth you got in your head. Given the massive response of lots of yous about eating Taco Bell, me thinks you won’t need all of your teeth. Let’s assume you got 20 you could part with and still look presentable. That’s $100. Now bet that shit on the Jets!

I’m not asking you to bet the Jets this weekend, I’m telling you. But do it responsibly and if you are so inclined, do it at Pointsbet, using promo code: 108ing (click the picture of us and AI)

Pointsbet Sportsbook with the FromThe108 crew

So Listen to Broadway Joe (not about the kissing) and Bet Jets!!


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