A 108 Crisis: The Pineapple Guppy Shortage of 2021

Throughout this past season, you most likely have noticed an endless amount of Pineapple Guppy Pale Ales being consumed by the vast majority of regulars in the 108.  Earlier in the season, I blogged about five beers to try while at the ballpark.  (check it out!)  The aftermath of that blog led to Pineapple Guppy being the most consumed beer in the stands (by our calculations) and naturally a fan favorite.  Even Wally drinks it!  Our good friends Sherry and the rest of the staff at the Midwest Beers stand at the top of the section made sure to be fully stocked with “Gups” ready to go and extra cold for all of us before every game.  Shoutout to the entire staff for taking great care of us all season!!    

Thanks Ladies!!!!

HOWEVER!! We came across a serious crisis in the 108!!!  While plenty of #108ing still occurred at every game, the last 2 homestands had an extreme shortage of Pineapple Guppies.  So I am here to ask for all of you to please help the cause as best as you can to help with this shortage of this sweet nectar. 

Three Ways That You Can Help in 2022!

  1. Allow the supply of Pineapple Guppy to increase as much as possible at the ballpark by trying the vast selections available at the Midwest Beer Stand at the top of the section.  Not sure what to order?  No problem!  Read This!
  2. Still not sold on any of those options?  Take the shortcut from the 108 down to the Craft Kave to see all that they have to offer in the Kave.
  3. In case you didn’t hear, our friends at Goose Island released limited edition cans of the White Sox Golden Ale with the 1983 White Sox design for the playoffs.  Go get a White Sox beer in whatever exclusive cans they have next year and save an empty can as a souvenir! 
  1. If you happen to find a supply of Pineapple Guppy in another location in the park, the directions are simple:  

-Grab your friends. 

-Order as many as you can with your friends at said location. 

-Deliver the Guppies to the 108 to share with all of us in the section.  

Thank you in advance all for helping the cause so the 108 Pineapple Guppy shortage (crisis!) will not be a problem next season.  It takes all hands on deck to help resolve shortages in the world and you matter!  

-Brew Hand Luke

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