Ballpark Beer Buyer’s Guide

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to all of my fellow fans of fine suds.  It has been great to get back to the ballpark and see so many familiar faces and meet so many of you over these first two homestands.  It has always been a blast hanging in the 108 (or, in many instances, with the pods system, near the 108.)  

Instead of bringing you a beer review this time around, I am once again changing things up to keep you on your beer-drinking toes.  With two homestands fully completed (the 3rd one starting TODAY) and having done plenty of #108ing during both of these homestands, I have decided to help you with some beer suggestions for what to drink while watching our beloved White Sox at the ballpark.  This should help with your thought process when staring at the beer list while in line or when you get up to the counter to make your order.  As a bonus for everyone involved, this should also (hopefully) speed up the pace of the beer lines on the concourse.

While the Craft Kave and Midwest beer selections are currently limited, there are still plenty of great options to choose from.  There is a beer option for everyone, depending on what your pallet desires.  Enough talk, let’s get to the drinks:

Goose Island White Sox Golden Ale (5% ABV):

This list would not be a real list without having this beer in the leadoff spot in the batting order.  The White Sox Golden Ale is a very crisp and refreshing beer that goes down very smoothly and is great for any White Sox game year-round, regardless of the weather.  You can order a “White Sox Beer” at any Beers of the Midwest stand in 16 oz cans, or if you prefer to have it on tap, it is always available at the Goose Island stand right next to the 108.  

Bell’s Oberon (5.8% ABV)     

One of my favorite beers every summer is Bell’s Oberon.  An American Wheat Ale with notes of orange flavor and some spice.  This is the perfect beer during the summer.  More specifically, I absolutely love responsibly crushing a few of these beers during a Sunday day game in 80-degree weather.  Bell’s Oberon can be found at any Beers of the Midwest stand in the ballpark in 16 oz cans.     

Goose Island Lost Palate Hazy IPA (6.3% ABV)

I recently discovered this beer while exploring the different options at the Goose Island stand next to the 108.  Lost Palate is a hazy IPA that delivers strong notes of mango at the start and finishes with a delicious cinnamon flavor with four different hops. Like most home games in April, the weather is on the cooler side in the 50-60 degree range, if not chillier during a mid-week night game.  The cinnamon finish makes this a delicious beer that can help you feel warmer during those early season night games.  Make sure to hit up our neighbors at the Goose Island stand to order this one on tap.  Check out more details and the unique story of Lost Palate here.  

Pipeworks Guppy Series American Pale Ale (4.6% ABV)

Another one of my favorite beers to have at the ballpark is the Guppy Series from Pipeworks.  Rotating throughout the season, you can find one of three different Guppy Series beers at the park.  The one found most frequently is the Pineapple Guppy. However, at other points in the season, you may be fortunate enough to have Mango Guppy or Blood Orange Guppy.  With a lower ABV and a delicious flavor of the featured fruit brewed into the beer, this is most ideal for a hot summer day game at the park.  You can find the Guppy Series at any Beers of the Midwest stand in 16 oz cans or select concessions locations on draft.  

Modelo Especial Mexican Lager (4.4% ABV)

Last but not least, the most commonly found beer in the ballpark on draft and 16 oz cans is a classic Modelo.  Modelo goes down perfectly, whether it be a 90-degree day game or even a cool, brisk 75-degree night game with Lucas Giolito carving through the Minnesota Twins lineup.  Due to covid restrictions, there are currently no beer vendors slinging these beers to all fans. However, if you check the nearest concessions to your seats, it is easily accessible for you to do as much #108ing as your heart desires. (responsibly, of course)

The next time you are #108ing at the ballpark and aren’t sure which beer to order, remember to check back here as a reminder before ordering your beer of choice.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of you soon in the 108.


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